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10 Tips for Decorating a Small Outdoor Space

Moving to West Palm should get you excited about the outdoors and the great weather. Sunny days were made for the backyard: barbecues, pool parties, and lazy days on a hammock. But you have one big problem: your backyard is not even big enough for you lap dog. Your West Palm moving and storage service professionals know that this can be a challenge…but it is a challenge we gladly accept! There are tons of things you can still do with your outdoor space as long as you give up the dream of a swimming pool (sorry!). Whether you are in an apartment with a tiny balcony or a home with a sliver of concrete, you can turn your backyard into a South Florida outdoor oasis.

  1. The most important part of your backyard will be seating, because that is the way to enjoy the warm weather! Decide what you have room for. It may be just a chair, or you may be able to get a bench outside. If you choose chairs, get some fun seat covers and pillows to add pizzazz to your backyard!
  2. If a bench is feasible, opt for this choice. Then you can also use it as a table if you have guests or as a display table for small potted plants and candles.
  3. If you are buying furniture, opt for pieces that fold. You can store several chairs folded up against a wall or under a table. This way, they do not take up too much space, and you can easily unfold them when company stops by.
  4. Plant life is an important aspect of your backyard. When you have minimal or non-existent soil space, your options are limited, so you will have to get creative! If there is a window overlooking your yard, construct a charming little window box. It takes up almost no room, and you can change the flowers really easily!
  5. If you have a fence in your outdoor space, use it to hang a vertical garden. Nail small flower boxes or painted cans, and plant colorful, seasonal flowers.
  6. If you plan to put a table outside, make it a DIY project and create a place to plant. Carve out a shallow section in the middle of a wooden table where you can plant small and hardy shrubs. You can even place painted rocks in the center.
  7. Buy a tall plant stand with plenty of shelves. These narrow pieces of furniture are perfect for small backyards, as they let you have a decent amount of plant life to enjoy.
  8. If your yard is surrounded by a wall or two, hang a lattice and buy some climbing plants. Opt for ones that flower to give your space a natural pop of color.
  9. Giving your small outdoor space some lighting will really liven the area up. Find a place to hang bistro lights to create some flare and ambiance at night.
  10. If you have any solid surfaces outside like a concrete slab, cover it with a colorful outdoor rug.

Moving to West Palm means enjoying the great outdoors all year round. Make sure you can take advantage of it with these easy tips from your West Palm movers!