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Norfolk At A Glance

All My Sons Shares a Glance at Norfolk with You

Norfolk is Virginia’s second-largest incorporated city. It is considered to be the historic, urban, financial, and cultural center of the region and is one of the oldest of the Seven Cities of Hampton Roads. Norfolk has a long history as a strategic transportation and military port and the Norfolk Naval Base is the world’s largest such base! Norfolk is bordered by many bodies of water, which is one reason why it is so popular to move to Norfolk. 

Norfolk, Virginia was founded in 1682 but wasn’t actually incorporated until 1736. Its population has grown to over 234,000 residents so it is easy to see how popular Norfolk is becoming. Norfolk quickly developed into the most prosperous city in Virginia. This was mostly because Norfolk was such an important port for exporting goods to the British Isles and beyond. During the early part of the American Revolution, Norfolk served as a strong base of Loyalist support. 

The Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, fled the capitol and tried to reestablish control of the colony from Norfolk. He was eventually unsuccessful and his exile brought with it the end to over 168 years of British colonial rule in Virginia. As a last attempt to regain some control, Lord Dunmore’s fleet shelled Norfolk for over eight hours. The fires started by the British destroyed almost two-thirds of the city. It would seem that Norfolk was sure to be demolished but it proved resilient to the war that was waged on its shores. Norfolk refused to be defeated and won its freedom from its British oppressors. 

Norfolk, Virginia continues to be an exciting place to live and All My Sons Moving & Storage is proud to be your preferred Norfolk mover. There are just so many wonderful things about Norfolk that words just can’t explain. It’s a good thing that you’ll soon be here to see the beauty for yourself.