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3 Tips for Moving Furniture

Welcome to Salt Lake City!

Whether you are about to move to Salt Lake City or just rearranging the furniture in your new place, knowing the proper techniques of moving furniture can prevent common injuries from happening and prevent in destroying those beautiful hardwood floors. Below are the three best tips from our Salt Lake City auto movers who use these tips for moving.

Tip 1- Break it Down

This first tip is for those who are about to begin their move to Salt Lake City. Fellow movers, this is an important to tip for moving. Take your furniture apart. This includes headboards, dressers, removing cushions from the couch anything and everything that can dissembled and reassembled again. This step may seem tedious, but trust in the advice of our professional Salt Lake City auto movers. Not only will this step help in preventing scratches on the floor from forming but lifting and carrying pieces where you want to place them will be a lot easier on you. Our professional Utah moving company can help with this step.

Tip 2- Clear the Floors

Make sure everything is cleared off your floor. Having a blank slate can prevent injures such as tripping over common things, also this tip for moving will make placing and re-arranging furniture a lot easier on you. Once you have cleared the floor for your furniture, ask our Salt Lake City auto movers for their professional moving blankets. These blankets are designed to be heavier and padded, they are used for wrapping and gliding furniture across the floor, another great tip for moving when wanting to prevent scratching walls or door framers when moving furniture.

Don’t forget as well to purchase gliders or sliders to help you moving things around once our Utah moving company has left. These sliders simply go at the bottom of your couches or chairs and make gliding across floors easier, this tip for moving is particularly important if you are renting because you don’t want to damage the floors of your house or apartment.

Tip 3- Get Extra Help

No matter how you slice it, moving furniture is a two-person job. If a friend cannot help you with moving furniture, call our professionals! It is our job at All My Sons Utah moving company to help you move. Our Salt Lake City auto movers are trained in moving large pieces of furniture without damaging walls or floors.

Reading these three tips before you move to Salt Lake City or you just want to rearrange your furniture can prevent damage happening to you or your home. Just remember to take things slowly and invest in renting a dolly. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we are trained to move furniture in the unloading and loading process. Contact us today to learn more about prices and what we can do for you.