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How to Pack an Apartment in One Day

If you are short on time or have procrastinated until the last minute and find yourself having only one day to pack up your entire apartment, take a deep breath because it can be possible. Just follow the apartment packing list of supplies and tips below to learn the best way to pack an apartment in one day.


If your budget allows, you can take advantage of the partial packing services offered by our expert Salt Lake City movers. That way you can pack up the easy things like clothes and linens, and your Salt Lake City residential movers will take care of the heavier items like furniture and appliances.


On the other hand, if you’d rather do all the packing by yourself, there is still a way to get the job done within a day. Of course, you should start as early as possible. After decades of experience, our Salt Lake City local movers can explain the best way to pack up an apartment in a day.


Apartment Packing List of Supplies

The first thing you need to do is gather all the supplies and tools you’ll need to pack up your things. If you can, we recommend you purchase all these supplies before pack-up day – even if its just the day before. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Salt Lake City, we can deliver high quality Salt Lake City packing supplies to you. Regardless of where you buy from, here’s a suggested apartment packing list of supplies:

Moving Boxes

Dish and Glass Specialty Boxes

Banana or Paper Boxes

Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Sealable Plastic Bags

Packing Tape with Dispenser

Scissors and Box Cutters

Foam Sheets and Bubble Wrap

Moving Blankets

Stretch Wrap


Put Clothes in Garbage Bags

When packing your apartment, we recommend going from room to room and starting with the lighter weight items first. Put soft items that will not break if they move around - like clothes, linens, pillows, and plush toys – into large heavy-duty garbage bags. Try to keep everything as neatly folded as possible, but when time isn’t on your side, you may just have to dump everything at random.


Pack Books and Small Equipment

Next up are the small but heavier items in your home, things that need to be packed in boxes to avoid getting damaged. Accessories, books, hard toys, cooking utensils, and small electronic equipment can go into banana or paper boxes. The handle cut outs in those types of boxes make them easy to carry, just cover it with a garbage bag if you are worried about water damage. Medium-sized appliances like toasters and microwaves should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in medium moving boxes.


Put Prohibited Items into Separate Boxes

Food from your pantry as well as cleaning products and other household chemical products should be packed into separate boxes. These items may be prohibited from being placed in your moving truck, so you’ll have to transport them in your personal vehicle.


Use Special Boxes for Dishware

To best protect your glassware and dishes, use glass packing boxes and dish packing kits. These boxes have slot partitions and divider pad inserts that separate delicate pieces to avoid any chipping or other damage. For extra protection, wrap dishes and glasses with foam sheets or bubble wrap before putting them into their designated slots.


Disassemble Furniture

Once you are done packing the smaller items in your apartment, it’s time to tackle your furniture and large appliances. Disassemble large furniture pieces that can be taken apart to make them less bulky and heavy. Drawers should be separated from dressers, just make sure to put any hardware in small sealable plastic bags and tape the bag into one of the drawers.


Clean Out Appliances

Appliances should be as clean and empty as possible. Take out all the food inside your fridge and then defrost it (do this at the beginning of the day). Unplug all your electronics and if you have saved the original boxes they came in, use those. You might have to purchase a TV moving box to pack your flat screen television.


Use Moving Blankets and Stretch Wrap

For larger items not inside boxes that still need protection, use a combination of moving blankets and

stretch wrap. Wrap damage-prone furniture in a layer of quilt padded moving blankets, then secure everything with a layer of stretch wrap. Avoid putting tape directly on moving blankets, because taking it off can lead to tears. Instead, wrap packing tape around bulky items on top of the layer of stretch wrap.


If you want to learn more about the full and partial Salt Lake City packing services to pack an apartment in one day, call (801) 876-1756 today. One of our moving coordinators will happily discuss how our Salt Lake City long-distance movers and local movers can meet all your relocation