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Moving Into Your Kitchen

After the professional movers have helped assemble your furniture and you’ve tackled the bedroom and bathroom boxes, unpacked the toiletries, the sheets, the clothing and even the shoes to place into the closets, then comes the time to set up shop in the kitchen. The All My Sons of Salt Lake City are here to remind you that you can’t keep ordering take out for the rest of your time in your new home or always go out to eat. Now that many things are settled in your new place, you’ll have to eventually fix the kitchen and unload the moving boxes of fine china, silverware and everything in between. Don’t worry, the local Salt Lake movers say that if you plan it in your head and do a little bit at a time, you’ll be done in no time.

The kitchen area of a house really does contain a lot of stuff. From pots and pans, to everyday dishes and silverware to fine china, glasses, coffee mugs and other kitchen accessories like dish towels, the kitchen really does hold a lot.

First figure out, or visualize where you think things are going to go, what cabinet our more delicate dishes are going, where your coffee mugs will be easily accessible and so on.

The Salt Lake City moving specialist say the best way to unpack your kitchen moving boxes and putting everything in its place is to finish what you start. Empty one moving box at time and fill out one drawer or cabinet at a time. Working bit by bit and finishing a task one at a time will give you a sense of being productive as well as keep your kitchen clean and not chaotic. Once you’ve unpacked one moving box, flatten it put it out of the kitchen and tackle the next box.

Try not to place too many things on your counter, especially accessories and decorative pieces. You’ll need your counter to prep when you cook, plus you’ll probably need space for a toaster or a blender of some sort so you’ll also need clear access to an electric plug.

The local Salt Lake City movers hope we helped we made moving into your kitchen a little easier on you. Just remember to take your time, move your kitchenware carefully so nothing breaks as you place it in the various compartments and enjoy your new kitchen.