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Orem At A Glance

Moving up in Salt Lake, Provo and Orem

Salt Lake City has a host of safe, enjoyable suburban communities that All My Sons Moving & Storage is proud to serve. If you are looking for the best that Utah has to offer, take a look at Provo and Orem. When location counts, your Salt Lake movers agree you can’t go wrong with these cozy towns.
Provo and Orem have truly mastered the art of mixing business with pleasure. With a combined population of over 206,000 (91,000 in Orem, 115,000 in Provo), both cities boast a young, able workforce wielding university degrees and entrepreneurial spirits. The Milken Institute recently named the Provo-Orem area as the “Best-Performing City in the Country” based on its notable job growth and wage appreciation. Your Provo movers and Orem movers have been busy moving thousands of job seekers to these lucrative areas. Orem alone is home to more than 4,000 national businesses and local businesses like All My Sons Moving & Storage. Over 230 leading technology companies began in Orem including WordPerfect, Novell, and PowerQuest. The area is known as Central Utah’s technological center and was named the “Number One Area for Entrepreneurs” by Entrepreneur Magazine. Provo is no slouch in the computer technology market either. Provo’s average annual job growth is over five percent, and even more high-tech companies are clamoring for space in the forty-mile strip between Salt Lake City and Provo that rivals California’s Silicon Valley, according to The Economist.
True to its scenic surroundings, Orem and Provo residents enjoy an extensive network of parks that include miles of trails for biking and hiking and picnic tables for large gatherings. Salt Lake area residents and your own Salt Lake movers are outdoor enthusiasts, and with the Wasatch Mountains and Utah Lake only miles away, it’s easy to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Take a hike down the Provo-Jordan River Parkway Trail, or join your neighbors in celebration at Orem’s Summerfest, a large event of food and fun that takes place in June of each year.
Make a move to Salt Lake, Provo or Orem, and you make a move toward a bright future for your family. The Salt Lake movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage will provide a safe, hassle-free move for a reasonable price. Call your friendly Salt Lake area moving company today!