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Don’t Just Take The Seller’s Word For It

If you’re in the market for buying a home and moving into a new neighborhood, All My Sons of Salt Lake City movers and MSN want to remind you to beware of the type of sellers out there. These economic times are tough and home sellers might stretch the truth a little by either omitting things on their disclosures or flat out lying. The local Salt Lake City movers remind you to be very careful when reviewing home contracts at closing as well as when inspecting the home. You should try to have a professional inspector look at the home you’re seriously considering of buying. You can also try to get chummy with the neighbors and get information on the house. Verify that you’re getting the truth.

The article on MSN reports that sellers’ disclosures differ from state to state, but typically require documentation of material problems with the home, like leaks, pest flooding issues, pest problems, structural issues, lead paint, mold, electrical issues and water/sewer problems. Municipalities within a specific state, like Salt Lake City for example, also have their own requirements regarding disclosures. By working with a professional realtor and or inspector, you’ll also be exposed to disclosures that aren’t necessarily required by the state but that a credible professional will know to ask about. For example, in Florida, there were many incidences of faulty drywall used when building new homes. So that’s information about a defective material that should be disclosed.

Sellers are expected to fill out disclosure documents in an honest way and answer questions about the property as best as they know. As a buyer though, don’t just take their word for it. Do your own research and investigate. Remember that you can always sue for damages if you think sellers weren’t honest with a piece of information. The tricky pat though is to prove that the seller ‘lied’ and had knowledge about a specific problem within the property. That’s why it’s always best to try to catch all the issues before you sing the dotted line.

Remember to have realistic expectations as well. Know that it’s possible that the seller truly doesn’t know about a problem. That’s why a reputable and experienced inspector is very important.

All My Sons of Salt Lake City hopes this article helps you find a great home for you and your family. Remember, for residential moving services, we’re you’re most professional choice in the area. Just browse through our website for information on moving boxes, a free moving quote and information on moving stress-free.