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Build Your Own Greenhouse

If you’ve got the backyard space to build a greenhouse, it’s a great addition to your home’s landscaping. While most people know a greenhouse is used to grow plants, many don't understand the benefits that go with using a greenhouse. A greenhouse can improve pest control, and help in regulating temperature, humidity, and water distribution, all of which can promote and encourage good plant health and lead to maximum production. Thinking of adding a greenhouse to your Tulsa home? Read on to learn more about how you can do it yourself.

Search for the right location. At first, you need to search for an appropriate location where you’ll construct your greenhouse. Make sure you build the greenhouse where there is plenty of sunlight and it is better if the greenhouse gets east and west exposure. However, the amount of sunlight and air required is largely dependent on the types of plants you plan to grow.

Consider temperature and air flow. Before you start building DIY greenhouse, you must consider the climate and the humidity of your region. Optimum ventilation and air flow is also a must for a greenhouse. You should control the temperature according to the plants you want to grow in your greenhouse.

Choose appropriate materials for construction. To build a low-cost large greenhouse, you can use environment friendly salvaged materials for the construction. You can choose a concrete base if you want a stable foundation for your DIY greenhouse. To build the sides of your greenhouse, you can consider glass or fiberglass as they’re durable as compared to plastic siding. Glass or fiberglass can also lock in humidity and maintain comparatively high temperature inside.

Plan for heating and/or irrigation, if required. Irrigation and insulated heating systems are must in certain climatic conditions. We all know Tulsa can have a wide range of weather, both pleasant and unpleasant. Even if you don’t need it, you can keep the provision if it fits well in your budget so that you can use them if required.

Use pest control. While planning for a DIY greenhouse, you should choose pest control method to keep your plants free from annoying insects. One of the best ways to control the pests is to introduce natural predators. Make sure you remove a pest infested plant from your greenhouse in order to save other plants from the damage.

Plan adequate storage space. It is quite important to plan a storage space when you’re constructing a greenhouse. There are so many things that you’ll have to store such as fertilizers, tools, potting soil or even lawn mowers.