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What Order to Pack Your House When Moving

How can you make your move less stressful? You can hire professional Tucson movers to take care of every single part of your move. From the moment you call and ask for a free moving quote, to the moment you say good bye, moving companies take care of it all for you.

However, if you want to do it yourself, then you should use the skills of a moving company to get it done. That’s why we created this list, so you can understand what order to pack your house when moving.

1: Clean Out Closets

This should be the most obvious place to start when thinking about what order to pack your house when moving. Start with your closets. Think of all the stuff you have “stored” in your house that you can do without. This is something that we would even recommend if you decide to hire a Tucson moving company.

2: Clothes

Do laundry and donate!

We recommend you do all your laundry again and take an inventory of all your clothes. After you do your inventory, decide what you should donate and what you want to take with you on your move. You’ll be surprised how much space in the moving truck is taken up by boxes of clothing!

3: Bathrooms

Take a look at the knick-knacks in your bathroom next. Of course, you should leave out your immediate toiletries to make sure you can still do all your usual cleaning duties leading up to the move. Start with the bottom cabinets and work your way to the towels.

4: Bedrooms

Bedrooms are next! You should get your dressers, night stands, and bedroom furniture packed and wrapped; ready for the move. Take dressers and bed frames apart as soon as you can, leaving the mattress on the floor so you still have a place to sleep until moving day.

5: Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the longest, most difficult rooms in your house to pack. When deciding what order to pack your house when moving, we always recommend packing the kitchen closer towards the end. You will need to ensure you have all the right packing supplies. Bubble wrap, padded boxes, and enough patience to fill the entire house.

6: Living Room

Your living room will most likely act as your moving room. You can move items and moving boxes in and out of the living room. It becomes your stage for ongoing moving operations. Your living room is filled with most of the bulky items, which means it will be the last room to be fully packed and moved naturally.

Bonus: Overnight Bag

Here’s a tip from professional movers: always pack an overnight bag! The overnight bag is your easy access to your toiletries, your favorite clothes, your pajamas, and your electronic device chargers. Your overnight bag is the key to a smooth and stress free moving experience.