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Packing Checklist for Your Move to El Paso

Move To El Paso

Are you about ready to make the move to El Paso? Getting everything in order can be rather time-consuming and stressful.

Oftentimes, families begin packing only a few days prior to moving day—this is a major no-no! Sure, you’ve got to get it done, but the process needs to be started much, much sooner. So, here’s our checklist for you to follow so that your move can be much more comfortable!

Two Months Before

You should have at least two months before your actual moving day to initiate your plan. First, you’ll want to take an accurate inventory of your belongings. Be sure to write down the dimensions and weights of your larger items that won’t be inside of a box.

Get rid of everything you don’t need! If you have something that is hardly ever used, broken, and/or you do not love it (or you can live without it), it’s time for it to go! Downsizing will make the move so much simpler, and your items can go to someone else who will appreciate them and use them more often!

If your new home could use some new appliances, you should purchase them prior to moving to El Paso, so it may arrive at the same time you move in!

Choose your movers! Chances are, your move isn’t going to be easy as pie, as much as we’re sure you’d like it to be. There’s a reason moving companies exist. Our professional movers in El Paso truly care about you, your family, and your belongings. This is what we do for a living and we understand the importance of your move! So, feel free to research some El Paso movers, compare a few, pick a timeframe for the move, and get the ball rolling!

One Month Before

The final month before the big move is when the real packing comes into play. You’ll want to gather up your El Paso packing supplies, from tape and scissors to boxes, containers, and totes and everything in between. Don’t simply buy a couple big boxes and call it a day, get boxes and containers of multiple sizes and shapes to best fit your needs. This will ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the move to El Paso.

Sometime early in this month, you should have chosen the local movers in El Paso for you. Try your best not to leave it to the last moment!

Remember to remain organized. Your belongings should be categorized room-by-room, with boxes reflecting those categories with their own individual labels. In the last few weeks, you should be finishing your packing, placing valuables in their own, secure places, while keeping your important documents handy.

Two Weeks Before

If there’s anything that’s not already packed, especially your non-essential items, it’s time to get that all finished up. It’s also high time to start on the more essential items. Over the next week or so, you should be packing items of increasing importance—like your toaster, microwave, and most of your silverware, until you’re down to the bare essentials that you will need up until the last few days.

By the end of this week, you should have most of the contents cleared from your freezer and refrigerator. Again, down to only what you will need for the last week to few days.

One Week Before

Call and confirm the moving day and time one more time with your El Paso movers. This way, if there is any mistake or issue, there’s still time to correct any problems there may be. It never hurts to make sure!

Be sure all your important documents are still all ready to go, up-to-date and matching.

By the end of this week, you should have cleared out your fridge, defrosted the freezer, and cleaned any messes. In other words, finish up that last cup of chocolate pudding and unplug the icebox!

One Day Before

This is the last time you can take a final look at everything you need before the movers arrive. Again, be sure you’ve got your important documents, money, and all emergency and immediate essential items all ready to roll!

Get yourself a good night’s sleep and be ready for moving day!

Moving Day

You made it! You should be proud of yourself. Today is the day for which you’ve striven for these past few months. The movers are here, and it is game time! Work with your El Paso movers to be sure they know what is fragile, what is heavy, and the basic what’s-what and who’s-who of your belongings, if it’s not already abundantly clear. Again, asking questions to be absolutely sure hurts nobody, so if you’ve got a question, ask away!

Once everything’s loaded, give the place a final look-see and check that everything that’s supposed to be on the moving truck is on the moving truck. Once you’re sure, sign that bill of lading, and get on the road to meet it all at your new home!

Say your final goodbyes to your old home and be sure to thank your El Paso movers.

We hope that you have received satisfactory service and will love your new home here in El Paso, Texas! Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.