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How to Organize Your Kitchen Counters

It’s not uncommon to have a messy kitchen with miscellaneous items scattered on the counters. Over time your clean kitchen can quickly become cluttered as you become preoccupied with your busy life. Don’t worry if you are wondering how to save on kitchen counter space and what to keep on kitchen counters. Our professional El Paso movers are here to share how to organize your kitchen counters.

What to Keep on Kitchen Counters?

It’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t store on your counters to avoid clutter. Take a look at your counters and see which items are necessary and the ones that you occasionally use. According to our local El Paso movers, here are a few items you should keep on or off to organize your kitchen counters.  

Items to keep on your kitchen counter:

1. Canisters

2. Coffee or tea maker

3. Dish rack

4. Salt and pepper shakers

5. Paper towels

6. Veggie and fruit basket

What not to store on your counter:

1. Appliances you don’t use often

2. Cookbooks

3. Cutting boards

4. Papers and documents

5. Teacups, figurines, and knick-knacks

6. Serving pieces for entertainment

How Can I Save My Kitchen Counter Space?  

Regardless of how big your kitchen appears, you will never complain there is too much space. It is important to maximize every inch of the entire area in your kitchen. As you begin the process of organizing your kitchen counters, keep in mind these helpful tips from our dedicated El Paso residential movers.

1. Properly Store Your Utensils  

To organize your kitchen counters, you can start by properly storing your utensils. Install a rod somewhere in your kitchen, above the counters and near the stove. You can hang up your utensils by the notch on their handles. If you don’t want to install a rod, you can add a canister on your counter to properly store your utensils.  

2. Use Your Sink as a Prep Area

One of the best ways to organize your kitchen counters is by using your sink as a prep area. Chopping and washing your ingredients can be a hassle. You can use your kitchen sink as a prep area. Simply place a slightly wider cutting board over your sink.  

3. Add Shelves

Open shelving is not only one of the latest interior design trends, but it is also a great way to organize your kitchen counters. Adding shelves can dramatically increase your kitchen storage. You can display your dishware like plates and coffee mugs while also having easy access.

 4. Create a Roll Away Cart

If you are looking to add more space to your kitchen but are lacking with counter space, then you should create a roll away cart. You can find a rolling cart with a butcher block top for double duty. A butcher block top will allow you to prep when needed, and the shelving underneath will act as extra storage.

The time has come to organize your kitchen counters and maximize your space. Our moving experts wish you the best and hope you consider our kitchen organization ideas. Please call our team today for a free moving estimate and learn more from our El Paso moving articles.