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How to Disinfect Soft Surfaces

In today’s world, people are cleaning their homes, washing their clothes and linens, washing hands – and so on – much more often than pre-coronavirus. Unlike spritzing the counter with a disinfectant and wiping it down, cleaning soft surfaces and materials such as a sofa or the laundry can be a little more challenging. Some may not even think to disinfect their linens, but every little bit helps fight against the spread of COVID-19. While our El Paso movers follow the CDC and WHO guidelines regarding sanitation and social distancing during a move, you should still thoroughly clean your new house. Disinfecting can be tricky, so try some of these methods to ensure your home remains clean.

The Best Products to Disinfect Non-Washables

There are some fabrics or items that just cannot make it into the washing machine – a mattress, pillows, the sofa. These surfaces get touched every day just as much as other surfaces in your home. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the need to disinfect soft surfaces has grown. A phenolic disinfecting spray contains the necessary ingredients that will kill bacteria but still be safe to use to disinfect soft surfaces that often comes in contact with your skin. Our El Paso residential movers recommend one of the most popular brands of phenolic disinfecting spray – Lysol.

The Best Products to Disinfect Washable Fabrics

Though washing and drying your clothing on high heat has shown to kill most bacteria, using a laundry detergent with a sanitizing agent can also be helpful. Since bacteria and germs are able to survive on fabric surfaces for days, there are a number of detergents available to help thoroughly disinfect soft surfaces like these.

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

This bleach-free formula is great to use if you prefer to do your laundry in cold water over hot water. Unlike regular chlorine bleach, Lysol laundry sanitizer has a pleasant laundry detergent scent and is great to use on children’s clothing, delicates, towels, and bedding.

Chlorine Bleach and Pine-Sol

Both chlorine bleach and pine oil are also great disinfecting agents for clothing or other household linens. They both kills germs; however, they can also be rough on fabrics. The scent of these disinfectants can also be very powerful and require a few washes to get out. If you opt to use either chlorine bleach or Pine-Sol, be sure to dilute the disinfecting agents before use. You will also want to avoid using these products on fabrics other than white.

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