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Garland Packing Services

It doesn’t matter if the move is just around the corner or states away, we can all agree how the most tiring and stressful part of any upcoming move is packing. The good news is, here at All My Sons Moving & Storage we do the labor-intensive work for you, no matter how big the move is. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Garland, our professional packing service is customized and tailored to your needs and wants. So, if you’re stressing about packing and unpacking, don’t! We’ll handle it all for you!

Benefits of Our Garland Packing Service

Packing. This is usually the part of moving many people try to avoid or wait last minute to do so because we hate the idea of having to pack up our entire life and put it into boxes. There is a lot of planning and coordination that usually goes into packing, but if you don’t have right tools or know how to properly pack, your household items may become damaged in the move.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Garland packing service will handle all this work for you, so you can have more time relaxing with the family or checking out our City of Garland. To begin this process, each customer is given a moving coordinator who will come your house and take an assessment of how many items you have so we can plan the right packing supplies for you (which we also provide).

From there, our expert Garland movers will then begin labeling boxes and have all the items you need on the day of the move ready to go! Each item will be tracked and fully stored in safe place as we stack up your boxes in our state-of-the-art moving vans.

Another great benefit of our Garland packing service is the fact we are a full-service moving company which means we specialize in corporate, auto, residential, and commercial moving packages. Save yourself the time and energy that goes into packing and let us take care of the packing, unpacking, disassembly, moving, and reassembly for you.  

Reliable Full-Service Movers

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we provide our customers with the full-service moving experience for people all around the nation. We are a company that is honest and reliable, and our main goal is to make sure you have a stress-free move at a price you can afford.

Contact us to learn more about our Garland packing service and our free, no-obligation quote.