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Moving Checklist for Your Child’s School Records

In the midst of moving, it can be easy to forget some of the essentials, like making sure you have all of the necessary documents in order to transfer your child to a new school. If you are moving during the prime moving months of June, July, and August while your child is on summer break from school, you may have thought that worrying about transferring schools was not a priority until you have reached your new destination. However, if you are moving long-distance you should make sure that you obtain all of your child’s records so they do not take months to have transferred.

Corpus Christi moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has a simple checklist for your child’s school records. Your child can help you complete it, thus taking the stress off of you and allowing them to have a part in the moving process. While transcripts and report cards are the most common types of documentation that parents obtain before moving, the other items on All My Sons’ checklist might have previously slipped your mind.

  1. Addresses – When transferring your child to a new school, the school may ask for information on all schools your child has attended. In order for them to obtain the information (with your permission) from each school that your child has attended, you should write a list of all school names, addresses, phone numbers, and contact emails.
  2. Transcripts and Report Cards – Transcripts and report cards are a given; however, make photocopies of them if you are submitting your child to multiple schools for consideration. You should also make a copy for your own records as well.
  3. Letters of Recommendation – Although recommendation letters are more common for those who are applying to college, most private elementary, middle, and high schools may request them as well. If your child will be trying out for sports, you will want to request letters of recommendation from current coaches before you move – a task that your child can easily do.
  4. Outline of Courses – Yes, your child’s school transcripts will show which classes your child has already taken and their grades; however, Corpus Christi movers suggest creating a detailed outline of each course describing what topics were covered, which textbooks were read, and important projects that were completed.
  5. Exam Scores – When it comes time to move, you may notice that your child’s transcripts do not show which standardized tests they have completed and their scores. Even if your child did well, Corpus Christi movers urge parents to keep in mind that certain states may have their own standardized entrance exam they will require your child to take - regardless of their exam records.
  6. Immunizations – Immunization records are right there with transcripts – parents typically do not forget to request them before they move.
  7. Awards – If your child has won any special recognition during their schooling, you should save awards for their school records.
  8. Work Samples – Just like awards, you should keep copies of your child’s best work. They are great supplementary pieces for you to show the new school that your child is an excellent scholar and am overall great fit.

Giving your child the responsibility of creating their school portfolio will help them feel engaged in the moving process, as well as boost their confidence. After all, giving them any extra confidence will only help them at their new institution.