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10 Items that You Are Saving and Should Throw Away

Deciding what to keep and what to toss when it comes time to sort your belongings and pack for moving, can be a tedious task. Oftentimes, homeowners find that they cannot seem to let go of items that really are of no use to them, to their moving boxes, and most likely of no use for their new home.

Rockport movers would like to share the top items that you skip pondering over and toss in the trash, donation pile, garage sale pile, or whatever pile…just make sure that you get rid of them!

  1. Pens. If you used a pen and it was not writing because it was low on ink, and then you put it back in your pen cup….get rid of it! What are they like $1.99 for 20?
  2. Eyewear. If you have eyeglasses with the wrong prescription or that are broken, toss them in the “get rid of” pile. Chances are, those sunglasses that broke and you swore you were going to fix six months ago, are never going to get fixed. Do yourself a favor and invest in a new pair that can actually block the sun while you are moving your belongings.
  3. Clothing that no longer fits. Let’s face it, if you have clothing that is too small but you refuse to get rid of it because you promised yourself a year ago that you would go to the gym and eat right…you should probably just donate the clothing already.
  4. Ketchup packets, mustard packets, packets of salt.  Does this really need an explanation? You can buy condiments for around $1 after you move. Who really keeps these anyways? If you do have a collection of fast food condiment packets, here is another moving tip from your Rockport movers: they could squish and splatter all over your belongings in the process of moving and make stains that cannot be washed out. Save your diet and your belongings and toss these tiny sodium filled products.
  5. Rubber bands. Why do you have these? Unless you are an architect and seriously use them to keep your blueprints intact; or if you have a cat and like to make homemade scratch toys, rubber bands are not something that you should keep.
  6. Plastic Silverware. If you are not moving into a college dorm with no sink, do yourself and your house guests a favor and indulge in some actual silverware.
  7. Kitchen appliances. That awesome waffle maker you got yourself one lonely Valentine’s Day when you promised that every Sunday you would wake up and make waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream…is getting dusty and lonely itself, sitting in the bottom dark corner of your kitchen cabinet. If you are moving, any kitchen appliances that you really do not use, including that $500 juicer you bought when everyone was “juicing” their 6 meals a day, can be sold in a garage sale that can actually help pay for your moving costs.
  8. Cords. If you have random cords that you have saved because you are not sure what they belong to and do not want to come to the day when you go to plug something in and, oops, where is my cord box so I can plug this thing in…if you have not used those cords in a year, then you have not used the appliance, try to get rid of both.
  9. Shoes. Shoes that are not in style and you still have because you hope they will be again, or shoes that hurt your feet but you think are pretty, should be donated or sold.
  10. Cell Phones. There is no reason to keep old cell phones. If you buy the new iPhone every time it upgrades, then sure, sell the previous version on eBay or Craigslist. If it is over two years old, chances are either no one will buy it or no one will buy it for more than $25, so toss it in the can.

These are just 10 of a long list of items that you should get rid of in your home. Regardless of whether you are moving or not, very small items build up in the home and cause clutter and take up storage space that could be used to store items that you will actually use. Believe it or not, it is nice to have spaces in the home that do not have any décor or small trinkets, it makes the home more inviting and comfortable for your guests.

Rockport moving companies have been moving families for over twenty years, and we can tell you that most moving companies will charge you by the weight of the moving truck after all of your belongings are loaded. Getting rid of all of your smaller, inexpensive, or useless items can help save you time and money!