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How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Renting a home in Corpus Christi can be a great experience. Depending on your location it may also be more cost effective and offer a minimal commitment. Now to make your rental feel like home is another challenge. You may look around at the bland walls, unattractive lighting, or tan carpets and want to replace it all. Most likely your landlord won’t grant all of your wishes, but a great place to start is to ask. Ask your landlord what they are willing to help you with, and what the rules are with any changes you want to make. Even though it is a rental, it is still your home for some time, and it is important to feel comfortable in it.

Make a Home with Paint and Decals

Once you are informed on what you can do to your rental, plan what you should do before you unpack. One great way to change the feel of a room in your home is to paint the walls. If you are painting the walls, it may make sense to unpack the items that might be in the way. You can keep them covered and in boxes to also protect them from any paint splatter. Make sure you ask your landlord what colors you can use. Bright colors take more work to cover up, and you may end up getting charged for it unless you repaint yourself. If you cannot paint the walls, you can try temporary wall decals instead. These work like stickers and come off without damaging the paint on the walls. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. You could end up with a tree decal next to your coffee table.

At Home with Boxes

This may seem obvious, but unpacking is an important task to finish. If you still have your items in boxes your rental won’t feel like home. Boxes are temporary and the feeling in your home when they are unpacked is subconsciously unsetting. Organize all your items into the area where you want them. From there put your clothes in the closets, put items in cabinets and drawers and set up your furniture. Putting things into their place will allow you comfort, ease, and start the process towards that home feeling.

Set the Mood in your Rental

This is can be the most creative part. There are endless combinations of accessories you can add to your home to transform it to your personal style. Here are some quick tips towards revamping your rental to make it your home:

  1. Lights: color bulbs, light fixtures, lamps, curtains, or candles will change the mood of a room
  2. Plants: flowers or herbs will give you a sense of responsibility, routine, and life
  3. Space: mirrors or dividers will make a room feel bigger & distinguished
  4. Walls: photos of loved ones and art work will add your signature & memories
  5. Floors: place mats or rugs redefine dated tiles