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5 Questions You Forget to Ask When Buying a Home

Although housing prices have gone up, mortgage interest rates remain low, it is an ideal time to transition from renting to owning a home.

If you are like the many Americans getting home-buying fever and are looking to move to Corpus Christi, All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to remind you to ask the 5 simple questions that home buyers often forget.

1. What is the neighborhood’s crime rate?

Whether you have a family or not, you do not want to end up in a neighborhood with a higher than average crime rate. Simply ask your real estate agent, “what is the crime rate in the area?”

2. Why is the house for sale?

It is important to ask your real estate agent and/or the seller, what their motivation is for selling their home. There may be an issue with the house that you will need to know ahead of time and then you can decide whether you want to take on the issue but lower your bid on the house, or completely avoid purchasing the house altogether.

3. Has the property been tested for radon?

This may sound odd, but getting your potential home tested for radon can save your life, since radon can cause lung cancer. Founder and CEO of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Bill Redfern, recommends that all home buyers get properties tested for radon presence.

4. When was the last mold inspection conducted?

Mold is not only a health hazard, it also can cause many costly repairs if it goes unnoticed. Finding out if a home has a mold presence and where, will help you determine whether or not you want to purchase the home, or how and who can fix it.

5. What are the seller’s disclosures?

Ask your real estate agent whether or not there is any additional information or known defects in the home that would alter your desire for the home and affect your offer. Even if you absolutely love the home, do not be impulsive about making a decision and putting in an offer if there are any seller disclosures that you have not properly checked out.

In addition to these 5 commonly forgotten questions to ask your listing agent, you also want to make sure that additional inspections be done rather than just the general inspection, and check out the safety of the home, including testing smoke detectors. All My Sons of Corpus Christi wants to help make your move easy and stress-free so follow our moving blog and visit our website for more home buying tips.