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6 Ways to Disguise Home Flaws

Now that you have finally found your dream home in Robstown and have scheduled a date for moving and storage services to come and move all of your carefully packed belongings, the time has come to decide how you want to decorate your new abode. There is only one problem – there are a couple of interior flaws that could throw off all of the hard work put towards perfectly decorating your home.

Have no fear, your local Robstown movers have some tips and tricks that will disguise any home flaw with one easy fix. Just take a look at our list, and then you can get back to picking out the perfect paint color for your new living room.

  1. Flooring. If you cannot stand that awful flooring that serves as a constant reminder of the previous owner’s poor taste – easily fix this by investing in a large area rug that will tie together the entire room. That way, if you are waiting for a more convenient time to upgrade the flooring in your new home, you won’t have to sacrifice your good taste in the meantime.
  2. Lighting. Something that is so minor, yet makes such a world of difference: your home lighting. If you are moving into a brand new home, often times, the builder installs a basic set of lighting throughout your home. Switch these out for something more tailored to your taste, for an immediate upgrade. Also, if some areas of your home are well-lit than others – but yet you do not have the time to install extra lighting fixtures, invest in some lamps that will immediately brighten up your entire home.
  3. Mirrors. If you have a darker space that needs more than a lamp to fix the dreary-ness of it - try hanging up a mirror. Not only will it add depth to a stifling small space, it will also create an illusion of a bigger room. It is also great for spicing up a plain white wall that you do not have the time to paint.
  4. Pipes. Moving into an older home? Chances are, the plumbing may prove to be an eyesore, as well as take away from much-needed additional storage space. Solve this flaw by building shelving around the pipes – this is a great way to add more storage while simultaneously disguising any obvious pipes.
  5. Kitchen Window. Hate the view that the window over your kitchen sink provides? Turn it into something that is useful instead – build shelves into the window and distract from whatever it is outside that you cannot stand to look at. Not only will you show off your own personal style, but you will also discover additional storage space in an unconventional place.
  6. Wallpaper. Your kids want to decorate their rooms in a fun way, yet you do not want to paint or put up wallpaper that you know they will just get bored with over time. Luckily, there is an easy solution that will leave both sides feeling satisfied – removable wall paper. Try EasyChange from Sherwin-Williams – it comes off as easily as you put it up.