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Decorating: What NOT to Do

If you are moving to Corpus Christi and need help decorating your home. All My Sons of Corpus Christi has compiled a list of things that you SHOULD NOT do when making decorating decisions.

Don’t let others influence your decorating decisions.
Your home is YOUR home, not someone else’s, so although you want your home to be inviting to guests and family members, you also want your home to be appealing and comfortable for you. You want your home to reflect your tastes, so the best way to get advice is to search online. Research styles and trends that you tend to like and research the best way for you to achieve that look in your own home. Doing it yourself will also help make decorating fun and give you satisfaction.

Don’t paint from paint swatches.  
When you visit your local hardware store for paint, you reach the paint isle and you see hundreds to thousands of paint chip sample sheets. Most homeowners do not realize that choosing a paint color from a paint chip will not give them an accurate idea of how the color will actually look once applied to walls. If you find a color that you like, buy a quart and paint a small section on the wall in order to get a feel on how the entire room will look once it is painted entirely.

Do not decide on colors in a store.
If you find flooring or fabric in a hardware store that you like, do not buy in bulk just yet.  The hardware store’s lighting is not going to reflect how the material will look in your home. Ask for a sample and take it home so that you can see how the carpeting, rug, pattern, tile, etc. looks in that specific room, with the amount of lighting that it gets during the day and at night.

Don’t try so hard to match.
If you have a blue floral print sofa that does not mean that you need blue curtains and a blue carpet. Find a color family and mix and match colors that complement each other.

Don’t line all of your furniture up against walls.
Bring some furniture out into the open space so that it is more inviting.

Don’t feel obligated to keep furniture.
If you have pieces of furniture that do not match, repurpose them and make them work together, or get rid of them.

Don’t over decorate.
 Personal items and family photos are great cherish able items; however, too many can be overwhelming. Guests in your home will appreciate your family photos more when there are fewer of them. Do not display so many trinkets and collectables. Everything in your home should have some sort of purpose when it comes to décor. On the other hand, it is important to remember details when decorating. When you are trying to create a style for your home, stick to the style and make sure to add small, simple touches that reflect that style. Items to not forget about include: lamps, candles, cases, mirrors, and decorative pillows.