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What You Should Know About Moving Blankets

Are you getting ready to prepare for a move and are wondering about moving blankets? Do you need moving blankets? Trust the professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage to tell you all that you need to know about packing necessities. Our South San Antonio movers know the importance of keeping your belongings safe during a move, which is why we not only offer packing services and supplies in South San Antonio, but also unlimited information about such.

We know that keeping your mirrors scratch free and your glass tables intact is one of the big concerns of most people moving. Our South San Antonio residential movers will tell you what you should know about moving blankets, such as how much do moving blankets cost, reasons why you should use moving blankets, choosing the right moving blanket for your needs, and where you can buy moving blankets.

How Much Do Moving Blankets Cost?

The price for moving blankets can vary in price depending on their size. For example, moving blankets that are small, 48”x 72”, can run between $49.99 to $94.50 for a set of 12. Larger and more padded moving blankets, 72” x 80”, can run from $102.99 to $190.00. These prices can also be much higher if the blankets aren’t on sale.

Reasons Why You Should Use Moving Blankets

Our South San Antonio local movers recommend purchasing and using a moving blanket when moving for the following reasons:

1. It protects the floors and prevents scratches.

2. Moving blankets keep your furniture clean.

3. They will protect the walls of your new home.

4. They keep furniture in place while moving.

5. They make moving heavy items easier.

6. They keep furniture safe while moving.

If you’re thinking about skipping on buying a moving blanket, don’t! Even if you more than likely will not use the moving blanket anytime soon, the benefits of the moving blanket are worth it. If you’re hesitant to buy a moving blanket, you can always rent some as well.

Top Places to Buy Moving Blankets

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we offer packing supplies in South San Antonio, which include moving blankets. If you are wondering where you can buy more reliable moving blankets, check out these sites for some options:

- www.movingblankets.com

- www.shippersupplies.com

- www.lodimetals.com

How to Choose the Right Moving Blanket for Your Needs

Choosing the right moving blanket for your needs is easier than you think. In three easy steps, South San Antonio long-distance movers can tell you how to choose the right moving blanket for your needs.

1. Determine the size of the piece you want to move, or, if you are moving more than one piece, take an average of their sizes.

2. Determine the sensitivity of the surface that you’re needing to cover. For objects like glass, you will want a thicker blanket.

3. Choose a color that makes you happy!


All My Sons Moving & Storage is happy to assist you with your moving blanket needs. We offer moving blankets with our services to ensure that your things make the move safely and in one piece. Contact us today to schedule your next move!