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Top 5 Most Common Packing Techniques

If you are getting ready for your next big move, you are probably dreading the packing process that you feel will take up a lot of your time. At All My Sons, we understand that efficient packing comes with experience and practice. If you are looking to hire professional movers, our South San Antonio packing company offers the best packing services to get you moved into your new home quick and comfortably. We have outlined this guide for you with the top 5 most common packing techniques to make your life a lot easier during the moving journey.

Pack an essentials box

One of the most common packing techniques that you do not want to forget is to pack an essentials box for when you first move into your new home with your family. This box should stay with you, and not travel on the moving truck. You can designate one box for all your family members to add their items that they will need during the first night. These items include a change of clothes, hygiene products, and any electronics that you can’t live without. You will feel very overwhelmed after a long day of moving and the last thing you want to do is to search through endless boxes for your immediate belongings.

Use specialty boxes

Our South San Antonio packing company suggests that you use specialty boxes when packing your items. Wardrobe boxes work great for easily storing your clothes during a move. You can leave all clothes on the hangers with the bar that is provided in these boxes. You should use extra durable boxes for your fragile items and valuable belongings with unique shapes. Other specialty boxes include artwork/mirrored boxes and dish and glassware boxes.

Lighten the load

If you are moving bedroom sets, another common packing technique we suggest is to empty the drawers of its contents such as clothing and any other items. This will ultimately reduce the weight of the furniture and make it much easier for you to lift when it comes to moving day. The same technique goes for any living room or bathroom furniture with drawers. You can easily pack these items in boxes and help make the heavy lifting a lot easier!

Pack room by room

Our South San Antonio packing company recommends that you plan to pack room by room when you plan for your move. This packing technique will help you speed up the process and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time and the efficiency of your packing efforts will increase. You should save the most essential rooms for right before moving day such as your kitchen. You will feel more organized with this packing technique.

Extra Cushion

Finally, it’s important to pack your items with cushioning and extra care. It’s very easy for items to become damaged during the moving journey and you should purchase bubble wrap for protection. Wrap each item individually with cushioning wrap before placing your items in the designated boxes. 8

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