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Tips to Help You Move in Winter


Our first tip from our movers in South San Antonio for moving in the wintertime is preparation. Keep an eye out for bad weather that could possibly be heading your way. Make sure to be constantly following a weather channel or app to see how your days look when you are traveling. Keep some heat warmers on hand as well, as these can quickly warm your hands up through your gloves or shoes to produce some quick heat while you’re moving boxes outside.

Keep Some Salt and Shovels Nearby

While you’re packing everything up, don’t pack away your salt and shovel! Salt and a shovel can help clear your driveway with snow that could have fallen the night prior or on moving day. The good news is, at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our South San Antonio movers will coordinate to your plans. We’ll be tracking the weather, as well as staying equipped with specialty tools that you may need.

Have a Backup Plan

Winter weather is harder to predict. The news might call for a light storm, but a blizzard might blow in instead. Having a backup plan on what you’re going to do in case something happens can save you time and stress. In the case of something like this, make sure to talk with your South San Antonio movers. We will work around what’s best for you and your safety. If needed, we can postpone your move.

Have an Emergency Contact

You emergency contact should be a person you can call, just in case your car stalls or you need a place to crash. Moving in the wintertime can be dangerous. It’s best that you have a number for roadside assistance in the case of an emergency. You should also give your number to a family member and have them check in with you during your move to South San Antonio to ensure you arrive safely.


Always stay in contact with our movers in South San Antonio. We want to make sure your move is stress free, and most importantly, you stay safe while moving in the harsh winter conditions. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we take safety seriously. Contact us at any time during your move.