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South San Antonio Storage Options

The South San Antonio local movers know that when you are moving, there are hundreds of thoughts running through your mind and even more things that you are trying to take care of prior to moving. Figuring out where to store important items should be one of the immediate concerns to address before making major moving arrangements. Fortunately, the AMS South San Antonio local movers have taken the time to compare different storage options in San Antonio so you can easily decide which storage options works best for you and your family.


Self-Storage is a very common storage option throughout the country. There are several reasons for renting this type of storage. Perhaps you are moving to a smaller home or are looking to make some extra room in your home for new items. They also make for a great option during temporary moves. If you find yourself leaving the area for a short period of time and do not wish to take all your belongings with you, then this is a great option. Even if you are in between homes, these self-storage facilities give you the freedom to house your belongings.

Self-storage units can even be used by small businesses. If you find yourself in need of a place to store inventory or extra equipment, a small storage unit can help to keep your inventory safe and organized. Whatever the reason, the benefits of this type of storage are clear. Due to their nature, these storage facilities allow you to manage your own unit. Place the items in the unit and come and go as you please. You essentially have full control of your property always. Self-Storage units are typically paid for on a month to month basis and can be canceled at any time.

Full Service Storage

This storage option is substantially different from the traditional self-storage option. Full service storage offers individuals a safe, convenient and affordable storage option to keep their possessions safe and out of harm’s way. As the name suggests, a full-service storage option includes all the stops. From pick up, storing and return delivery, the full storage moving company will handle every aspect of your storing needs.

Like self-storage, full service storage units work well for both long term and short term storage. For those individuals who are short on time and need to have their items stored, this is an ideal go to method. It allows you to simply pack your items into boxes and schedule a pick up. The full-service storage company will take care of all the loading, transporting and storing. This works well to save you time and money since you only need to worry about one task, unlike in traditional self-storage where you are forced to rent a moving truck, load and unload, and are responsible for all the other logistics that go into storing your items. When you want your belongings back, simply request them from the company and they will gladly deliver them to your home.

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