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Reasons to Use Furniture Padding While Moving

Moving furniture can be a little tricky. No one likes having to disassemble all their furniture before making a move, so most people try to move it still assembled. Because most furniture is meant for assembly once it is in the desired room and not moved through the doorways of your home, making sure that your furniture moves without scratching it is not easy to do. If you are getting ready for a move and plan on moving furniture with you, it is important to make sure you have the right moving supplies. Learn the benefits of using a furniture pad while moving from our South San Antonio local movers.

The Benefits of Using a Furniture pad While Moving

Furniture pads are the best thing to have handy when planning to move furniture. If you do not own any furniture pads, also known as moving blankets, most moving companies rent out packing supplies to their clients. Furniture pads are thick, large blankets that you can use for protecting and covering large pieces of furniture while moving. You can also use furniture pads under furniture to stop the pieces from sliding around in the truck. When it comes to furniture, our South San Antonio movers highly recommend using a furniture pad while moving for the following reasons.

1. You will be protecting not only your furniture but your floors as well
Furniture is heavy to lift and sometimes it can easily slide out of your grip while moving. Using a furniture pad while moving ensures that your furniture and your floor are both scratch free. If you plan to try sliding your furniture across the room instead of picking it up, a furniture pad can help move the piece without it scratching the floor.

2. Furniture pads keep things clean
Moving is typically not a clean process. Using a furniture pad while moving will keep your items protected from dust while you move from your old home to your new one.  For extra protection from dust, you can wrap your moving pads around your furniture.

3. You will protect the walls in your home while moving
Moving awkwardly large pieces of furniture through corridors is not easy. In moving furniture, you are bound to hit a wall or two. Using a furniture pad while moving will ensure that your walls do not get scuffed or scratched on the way to the moving truck.

4. Your furniture is less likely to shift during your move
Using a furniture pad while moving as a liner on the floor of your moving truck is a great way to make sure that your items stay in place during the course of your move. The moving pad will be an added layer between your furniture and the floor of the moving truck, providing less surface area for items to slide around.

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