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Moving Your Gym Equipment

Moving to a new home means deciding what stays and what comes with you when you are packing. If you are a person who is really into their health and fitness, then moving home gym equipment is a must. If your home gym consists of heavy equipment like a treadmill or spinning bike, moving these items may pose more of a challenge than simply moving some weights. If you are moving to a new home and plan to take your in-home gym equipment with you, then you will want to learn the best practices for moving it from professional South San Antonio movers.

Moving Heavy Gym Equipment

Our South San Antonio local movers know that there is a right and wrong way to move your gym equipment and that knowing how to move your gym equipment effectively makes all the difference in your moving experience. We have put together the best practices for moving your gym equipment to help make your move to your new home painless.

Make Sure Your Equipment is Clean

Before moving home gym equipment, you should make sure that it is clean. Properly sanitize and clean every inch of your equipment beforehand. This will prevent transferring any bacteria or germs to your new home and will make sure your equipment is in perfect moving condition.

Wipe off yoga mats, clean all handrails on treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, and other equipment you may have. You can clean your equipment with disinfecting wipes or a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. Also, be sure to wash any towels you may use when working out on a hot water cycle to kill any germs.

Be Sure to Pack Smaller Items

When moving your gym equipment, be sure to pack the smaller items first. You will want to start with items such as yoga mats, accessories, and gym towels before moving to the bigger items. Make sure that you have the right packing supplies to store your equipment in, such as the right-sized moving boxes.

Pack Boxes with Weights Appropriately

When you are moving home gym equipment, such as weights, make sure that the moving boxes you are using are strong enough to support the weight of the weights. If you are moving weighted plates, we recommend that you use a series of small boxes versus trying to fit all your weights in one large box because they will be easier to move. If you are worried about the integrity of cardboard boxes and weights, you can always opt to use plastic containers. Be sure to wrap your weights in bubble wrap or newspaper before packing them to prevent any damage to the weights and the box.

Prepare to Move Larger Items

Once you have packed the smaller items in your gym, it is time for preparing your larger pieces of equipment for your move. When moving home gym equipment for items such as treadmills, you will first want to make sure that it is clean and wiped down and unplugged from the wall. Next, you will want to make sure you have someone to help with lifting your treadmill to fold and lock your treadmill in place in the upright position. To make sure your equipment avoids damage, wrap it in moving blankets. You will want to follow these steps for all large pieces when moving your gym equipment. 

When you have your gym equipment packed and ready to go, give All My Sons Moving & Storage a call! If moving home gym equipment seems like it’ll be too strenuous for you, call us still, we can help. Our South San Antonio residential movers are ready to help with moving your gym equipment to your news Texas home.