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Moving with Pets to San Antonio

Helpful Moving with Pets Tips for a Safe and Hassel-Free Move

Moving is stressful for everyone involved -- even your pet! But don’t worry, there are many precautions you can take to make the move as easy as possible for your furry friend. You’re already one step ahead when moving to San Antonio. The city is well-known for being pet-friendly.1 Our South San Antonio movers know how to move with pets and have the best tips for a safe and hassle-free move.


Moving with Pets – San Antonio

San Antonio has truly embraced its furry critter population. You will find pet-friendly parks, shopping areas, and dog-friendly restaurants.2 South San Antonio features some of the city’s most cat-friendly and dog-friendly neighborhoods, including Southtown and Alamo Heights.3 Once our Alamo Heights movers help you make the move, you can rest easy knowing your furry companions will be accepted by the city.


Make a Visit to Your Veterinarian

Before moving with pets, take them to the vet for a check-up. Some states require a health certificate signed by your veterinarian to verify your pet is vaccinated and free from disease. Texas doesn’t have specific requirements, but cats and dogs must have a rabies vaccination certificate.4 Make sure you get the necessary documentation from your veterinarian. You should also ask if there’s anything you can do to make the move easier for your pet.


Prepare a Temporary ID Tag

Since you will be between homes while you’re moving with a pet, be sure to make a temporary ID tag with your old address, new address, and contact information. This is important because your pet’s current tag will only be engraved with your old address. Our South San Antonio residential movers recommend a luggage tag as a temporary substitute.


Get a Dog Sitter for Moving Day

Once our South San Antonio long-distance movers arrive, the chaos of packing and moving may be too much for your animals. Hire a sitter and keep your pet out of the house to minimize their anxiety. Your pet is going to experience a lot of change so make them comfortable when possible. Your neighbor may want to see your pet before you make your move to San Antonio.


Transport Pets in Your Personal Vehicle

When moving with animals, transporting your pets in the moving truck is strictly prohibited. It is an unpredictable and dangerous environment for any animal. Instead, use your personal vehicle to transport your pets. They will find comfort in your presence and you will feel better knowing they are safe. Invest in a crash-tested crate or carrier to keep your pets safe all the way to your new home.


Prepare Your New Home

Make your new home pet-friendly. Your furry friend is in new and unfamiliar territory, so make the house similar to your old home. This can be done with placing your toys in the same general area and keeping a routine. Of course, a few extra treats and their favorite toy may ease the transition. It may take some time for your pet to adjust, but they will get there.



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