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How to Pack Collections and Memorabilia

The thought of packing your precious collectables and memorabilia into a moving truck can be a little scary to say the least. You have probably collected these items for years, and the last thing you want is for these valuable treasures to become damaged during the move. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we understand the importance of these items and the amount of time and money that went in to creating your precious collection. We have designed the perfect packing guide with the best packing supplies for collectables and memorabilia to ensure safety during your next move. Our South San Antonio movers are here to help lead you in the right direction during the packing process. 

Packing Boxed Collectables

We understand that collectables in their original boxes such as vintage dolls are more valuable than out of the box used items and you will want to provide extra protection during transit. You should wrap each boxed collectable separately in packing paper and secure it with tape. Our South San Antonio movers suggest that you add another layer of protection by adding bubble wrap over the packing paper. Purchase a larger box than your collectable and layer the bottom with packing peanuts. Once you place your item in the box, you should make sure there is no wiggle room. Add extra peanuts if this is the case. By using these packing supplies for collectables and memorabilia, you will ensure no damages to occur during the moving journey.

Packing Fragile Collectables

Precious figurines, pottery, and other glass items should be handled with a lot of care during the packing process. You should wrap each piece with bubble wrap or several layers of packing paper. As you individually wrap your items make sure that you don’t tape your collectables as this can cause damage to the finish. You should purchase a specialty box with dividers that allow you to insert each item without touching the other ones. As you pack your items, it’s best to keep your glass items upright instead of lying flat. We recommend you add extra cushioning with crumbled packing paper to fill the holes. Of course, it’s important that you label this box fragile so that the movers know to be careful when handling your precious collectables.

Packing Paper Collectables

If you have collections of stamps, photo albums, or posters that will be traveling with you on your move, you will probably want to protect these items. Wrap your photo albums in packing paper to keep them safe before placing them in moving boxes. When it comes to posters, our South San Antonio movers suggest that you roll each poster up and individually place them in poster tubes. This will prevent your posters from bending or ripping.

It's important to wrap up all your collectables and memorabilia with the proper packing supplies before they live in a box for some time. We understand how special these items are to you and our South San Antonio movers provide care and attention during every move.