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Coping with a Traumatic Event

For many young people and even for some older people, life during a global pandemic like the coronavirus can be a lot to handle. Though many people may be spending more time at home with their immediate family, these are scary times where people celebrate birthdays with a caravan of cars passing by the driveway and friends host game nights virtually on apps like Houseparty. Some people may have never experienced an event like this in their lifetime so learning to cope with COVID-19 and its repercussions can be tough. Our South San Antonio residential movers have gathered a few ways to help those coping during COVID-19.

Ways of Coping with COVID-19

During or after a disaster, it is not uncommon to experience a wave of different, sometimes strong, emotions. Learning to cope with these feelings and asking for help can sometimes be hard, but in the end, will help you recover. There are many ways of coping with COVID-19, and taking care of your mental health is key. Taking care of yourself, your family, your friends, and community can help you all come out of the coronavirus stronger than ever.

Taking care of your emotional health
Taking care of your emotional health when coping with COVID-19 is incredibly important. Without your mental soundness, you will not be able to support others during this time. It is okay to reach out to people when you are feeling confused, angry or sad about what is going on in the world. Reaching out to loved ones can help you feel better and may also benefit your loved one if they are anxious or upset about the coronavirus too.

Helping children cope
Helping kids understand what is going on is also incredibly important. Children get their information from adults, who get their information from different media outlets that are not always accurate.  Pay attention to how your kids are coping with COVID-19. Help them understand what is happening but also teach them what they can do to protect themselves and the people around them.

Physical exercise
Staying active during quarantine is another great way of coping with COVID-19. Exercise keeps your brain sharp and healthy, whether it’s an at-home workout or learning one of the TikTok dance crazes. It also releases endorphins, which helps us feel happy. Though the coronavirus has brought about many changes and sad incidents, we can still look on the bright side of the situation and toward a better future.

Connecting with others
Connecting with people who may be feeling the same way you are during the coronavirus pandemic is also helpful for coping with COVID-19. Sharing your concerns with friends or family is a great way to maintain healthy relationships while at a distance and build a strong support system.

Our South San Antonio local movers are here to support the community, not only with relocation services, but to those coping with COVID-19. We understand that planning a move right now can be scary. Contact us today to learn more about our safety protocols and how we can move your family safely.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we thank our clients for trusting us with their relocation. Given the increased attention of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want to assure all clients that their safety and our employees’ safety are a top priority. While we’re experts in moving, we want our clients to know that we’re actively implementing the health and safety guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure we take the proper precautions.

We’ve instructed our employees that experience symptoms, defined by the CDC, to not report to work and instead contact their doctors. We ask that if you or any of your family members have experienced COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know immediately so we can take the proper additional precautions.

As a company, we believe in serving our community and supporting each other, especially during difficult times. We believe in the power of us, all of us!