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Build a Pergola for Your South San Antonio Backyard

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a pergola, you are in the right place. Follow these steps from the South San Antonio local movers at All My Sons to build a pergola for your South San Antonio backyard.

The first thing you need to do before you build your pergola is make sure you have the space for a pergola. Of course, they can differ in shape and size, but you don’t want the pergola to take up your entire backyard. You should pick a spot in your backyard that would look great with a pergola.

Next, you should determine the type of pergola you want to build. There are a ton of different styles and designs you can choose from. Figure out would look best in your backyard, and what you would like most.

After you decide what type of pergola you want, you have to go out and buy the right materials. You need to purchase a sturdy wood that looks great and will withstand any possible weather damage. You don’t want to purchase cheap material because it won’t last as long.

Once you know the dimensions of your pergola, you can begin cutting. Cut the support beams and the rafters to the length that you want. According to our South San Antonio local movers, most pergolas are usually around ten feet or less.

Now that you’ve got all of your wood cut to the length you want, you can shape the ends of the rafters. Most pergolas have curved or pointed rafters, but it’s ultimately up to you. You can look at designs online and see which ones you’d like to try.

Before you start actually building your pergola, South San Antonio local movers recommend that you should put a weather-protective coat on all the pieces of wood. Once the coat has dried, you can decide if you want to paint the wood or leave them as their natural color.

If you are building your pergola on cement, you want to use metal cores and foundations to keep it stable. If you are digging into the ground, you want to make sure your holes are about a foot or two in depth.

There are two ways to attach the support beams to your pergola. You can do it when everything is lying flat on the ground, or you can start putting them up when each beam is in its respective metal brace.

Our South San Antonio local movers suggest that the easiest way to attach the rafters is by cutting notches into the beams, so that you can just slide each rafter into the appropriate position and then secure it with nails.

Once your pergola is up and ready to go, add some decorations and furniture! Get some inspiration online and have fun with decorating it.