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10 Small Guest Room Ideas

There is no limit to what can be done to a small guest room. There are many design tips to make a small room look bigger. Take the advice of our San Antonio corporate movers and follow these ten small guest room ideas. Your houseguests will marvel at their short-term home.


  1. Limit Your Belongings

    When it comes to guest rooms, the statement “less is more” is crucial. Downsize the bed to add more space around the room for a guest’s belongings. Be sure to include furniture with storage to avoid unnecessary clutter.


  2. Maximize Comfort

    Many homeowners choose a cozy ambiance for their guest room. Make a small room look bigger with a down comforter and fluffed throw pillows. Take up space on the bed, not the room. The only thing a guest really wants is a heavenly place to sleep.


  3. Pick a Theme

    Introduce a theme to give your friends and family a complete experience! Common bedroom designs for small rooms are rustic and nautical. Let the aesthetic be the focal point of the guest room.


  4. Let There Be Light

    One of the best small guest room ideas is to make the room seem more spacious with light. Natural and artificial lighting creates shadows that give the room a perception of depth. Enhance your décor with a simple, but effective, table lamp.


  5. Put Up an Accent Wall

    Elevate the style of the room with an accent wall. Choose a paint color, wallpaper, or tapestry to make good use of your wall space. A two-tone room looks unique and only requires a fraction of the work you would be doing if you painted the entire guest room.


  6. Install an Art Gallery

    Don’t get overwhelmed by the phrase, “art gallery.” You can boast about your art collection, but in reality, simply decorate a section of the room with art pieces. Let your creativity take over and have fun finding a painting that your houseguests will most definitely ask about. An art gallery opens the room by breaking up the room and drawing the eye.


  7. Decorate with Mirrors

    Take advantage of mirrors to add shadows and the illusion of a bigger room. Our San Antonio local movers team recommends using many small mirrors. Your guest room will appear bigger because the mirrors reflect light around the room.


  8. Take Advantage of Paint

    If you recently moved or are looking to repaint, select a paint color that maximizes space. For example, a deep blue paint color makes the room appear more spacious. Colors also bring out different emotions. Paint your guest room blue to ensure a relaxing and calming stay for your friends.


  9. Add Greenery

    Regardless of the room’s size, plants introduce a lively ambiance that can’t be replicated. Buy flowers or succulents to freshen up the room. This is one of our favorite small guest room ideas as plants provide a unique design and a new hobby.


  10. Hang your Furniture

Think strategically and hang your furniture when applicable. Floating shelves provide room to decorate without taking up floor space. In fact, you can install a floating shelf in place of a nightstand.


Our All My Sons Moving & Storage team knows how to decorate a guest room with the best small guest room ideas. Trust our expertise and move to San Antonio with the help of our San Antonio commercial movers. Our full-service moving company also offers auto transport for long-distance moves to San Antonio long-distance. Call our San Antonio auto movers for more information.


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