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Moving to South Austin with Pets

With an upcoming move to South Austin, you have a lot on your plate to handle before our Texas movers arrive on moving day. This can cause a lot of stress given that moving is considered the third most stressful life event after divorce and the death of a loved one, according to HealthStatus.com. You try to tackle your endless moving checklist by changing your address on important documents, shopping for new décor and furniture, and so on. However, if you have a furry friend, they might be just as unsettled too. Animals experience stress due to the sudden change to their surroundings. Our South Austin movers are here to help by sharing tips on moving to South Austin with pets.


Before Moving Day

Make moving to South Austin with pets easier on yourself by giving the veterinarian a visit first. Discuss everything you need to know about your furry friend’s current health status as well as re-stocking on prescriptions that will last them well after the move. If you’re moving with pets across the country, ask about rabies tag state regulations [2] in Texas to ensure your pet is properly vaccinated. You can also ask for veterinarian recommendations in South Austin to make sure your furry friend will get the best care in their new hometown.

After the vet visit, help your pet feel comfortable during the journey ahead of time by creating an overnight bag. This bag can include food, treats, grooming tools, toys, cat litter, prescriptions, and a pooper scooper. Keeping all these things on hand during the move will help your pet stay calm.


Moving Day

Before our South Austin long-distance movers arrive to help you move out, keep your pet away from the chaos by checking them into a pet daycare or the vet’s clinic. This will keep your furry friend from misbehaving during the day while our Texas movers pack up and load your valuables onto the moving truck.

While our experienced movers secure your items and furniture as part of our South Austin packing services, call several hotels along your route to confirm they’re pet-friendly. When moving long-distance with pets, it will do them some good to take a break from the small cabin of the car and enjoy the open space of a hotel room.


Home Sweet Home

Now that you’ve finally made it to your new home, help your pet become acclimated to their new surroundings right away. Assign a safe area in the new home to both help your pet familiarize themselves with their new environment and keep them away from the chaos of moving in. Whenever you get some downtime, take your dog out for a walk to have them sniff around and become familiar with the new neighborhood.


If you’d like to learn more about moving to South Austin with pets or would like to request a free moving quote, call our moving company in South Austin today at 512-710-0298!



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