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Moving to South Austin with Children

As stated in HealthStatus.com, moving is the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and divorce.[1] So it comes as no surprise that you feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off for your upcoming move to town. You have a lot to finish like booking Texas movers to help you move effortlessly, updating your address with an array of people and places, and so on. However, among the chaos, your children may not fully understand what’s going on around them as they see everything being packed away. The South Austin movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage further discuss moving to South Austin with children. 


Before Moving to South Austin

A few weeks before our South Austin residential movers arrive to help you relocate, hold a family meeting. During the meeting, discuss what the kids should expect on moving day and share pictures of the new home if you haven’t done so already. Planning a move with kids will reduce their chances of being caught off guard once the big day arrives. Also, plan out a day of fun activities for the kids as a reward for good behavior. This way, moving to South Austin with children will most likely go as Pick out items like curtains, rugs, posters, bean bags, lava lamps, string lights, and bedding with their favorite characters or in colors they like. Online shopping for their new room will help the little ones remain optimistic about the move to South Austin.


The Big Day

Now that it’s finally time to move out, pay close attention to how the little ones react to all the commotion. When our South Austin movers arrive to help you move out, introduce them to the kids so they’ll seem less like strangers and more like friends. Our Texas movers know how moving out of a home can take a toll on children, so a little conversation may help calm their nerves.

While our trusted movers securely pack your belongings and furniture as part of the South Austin packing services, designate a safe area for the kids to stay. Keep them busy with some fo their favorite things like coloring books, novels, picture books, card games, toys, and a mobile tablet to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. You could also arrange a play date while the movers are loading up the truck to keep them entertained until it’s time to move to South Austin with children.


Settling into the New Home

Once our South Austin auto movers safely deliver your car, fulfill the day of fun you’ve promised the kids by driving around town. Find fun places for the kids to enjoy such as arcades, family entertainment centers, playgrounds, or a children’s museum.

Afterward, introduce the kids to the neighbors to familiarize themselves with others in the area. You never know, these neighbors may have children of their own your kids could play with in the future.

Efficient Moving into Your New Home

When you’re in need of some help to move to South Austin, give our full-service movers a call. Our moving company in South Austin offers an array of relocation services to meet your moving needs. Call 512-710-0298 today for your complimentary quote.





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