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How to Move Your Office

It doesn’t matter if you are moving one employee, a whole business, or switching locations. The bottom line is, moving an office takes a lot of planning. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our South Austin corporate movers are here to help you through this process. With years of experience in the moving business, we have dedicated our time to perfecting the craft of an office move.

Planning the Move

Each office move starts with a plan. Discuss the decision to move with your employees, considering the needs of the new office and where the new location should be. Depending on the size of your office, planning in advance can start anywhere from 3-8 months ahead of the move. During this time, you should have a strategic plan thought out and ready to implement. Start looking into moving companies as well, you want to hire a moving company that knows how to properly handle your office equipment and handle a corporate move.

Finding a Moving Company

Our Central Texas moving company has a team of dedicated South Austin commercial movers who know how to move your business or employees in one swift move. All of our movers have been trained in handling office equipment. With our South Austin packing service, our commercial movers make sure to pack up your office equipment properly and safely and then unpack it all after the move.

Need help finding the perfect moving supplies to pack up all of your belongings? Don’t fret, because our professional packers also have all the proper packing supplies such as moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing peanuts and boxes that are made specifically to hold electronics. With years of experience in the business our moving company has moved corporations, small businesses and even one employee if needed. Just call us and discuss with our South Austin movers about what plan works best for you!

Enrolling Tasks to Each Person

Moving a business or a company takes a whole team. When you are planning to move and even after you are settled in, assign your employees different tasks to help get your office up and running as soon as possible. Give a role to each person such as setting up the desks, cleaning the rooms, building the furniture, and ordering new supplies.

Making Sure Bills Switch Over

Just like regular move, you need to make sure your utilities and mail are switched over to your new address when moving your office. Give your clients a good three months of notice as you plan to switch locations.


Moving your company to a new location is a big deal and you should celebrate with employees, family, friends, and maybe even clients. Plan a celebration at the new location and show it off after our reliable movers have helped you settle down. Don’t let the stress of moving worry you, our central Texas moving company is here to make sure everything is managed smoothly and efficiently.