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4 Good Options for Covering Garage Floors

Your garage floor deserves just as much care as your home. If you select a good option for covering garage floors, you will instantly improve and extend the life of your garage. Many homeowners have difficulty choosing the types of garage flooring. Trust our South Austin residential movers to help you find the best fit for your garage and home with these four options for covering garage floors.


Garage Floor Coatings

There are two types of garage flooring: coating and covering. Coatings include paints, epoxy, stains, and sealers. These materials are applied directly to the concrete floor. Since coatings adhere to the concrete, installation preparation is crucial for good protection and performance. Be sure to address cracks, stains, and moisture problems before applying a coating.


  1. Paint

    Paint is an affordable option for a durable and resistant garage covering. There are latex and oil-based paints. Latex floor paint has a flat finish and oil floor paint has a glossy finish. Paint flooring tends to need touch-ups and additional coatings. For extra resistance to damage and stains, consider using epoxy paint. This is not the same as epoxy flooring for garages, but rather a stronger paint coating.


  2. Epoxy

    Epoxy is applied like paint but differs in formula and performance. The coating is durable and long-lasting. Epoxy flooring for garages is considered the toughest option for garage flooring. Many homeowners apply a second coat of sealer. You will most likely need to retouch the coating after a few years. Epoxy is a popular and widely used method of covering garage floors.


    Garage Floor Coverings

    Coverings are placed on top of the concrete floor and can be easily removed. Many homeowners consider coverings the best garage flooring options because they are relatively low maintenance. Coverings include interlocking tiles and mats. These are easy to use, hide damages, and generally better for moisture-prone floors. Coverings tend to be more expensive.


  3. Tile

    Interlocking tiles come in vinyl, plastic, rubber, and wood composite tiles. Tiles come in many colors, materials, and types to accommodate weather and the weight of traffic. Tiles are meant to be long-lasting and weather resistant. Individual tiles are easily replaced to get rid of stains or damage.


  4. Mat

Rollout mats are made from rubber, vinyl, and carpet. Mats are easy to use and clean; however, stains and severe damages can be permanent. Additionally, weather can cause a sufficient amount of wear and tear. Be sure to add slip-resistant textures.


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