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Why You Should Get an In-Home Estimate

Are you preparing for a move and want to know how much it is going to cost? Getting an in-home estimate can get you the most exact estimate for your move. Our South Atlanta residential movers can explain why getting an in-home estimate is important. We understand the peace of mind and clarity that come with receiving an estimate for your move before planning it out.

Why Get an In-Home Estimate?

Our South Atlanta local movers know that not everyone is a professional when it comes to moving. No matter how often you move, there are always more tips and tricks to learn to perfect your moving process. We want to share the value of getting an in-home estimate before you move, to ensure that you are fully prepared for all the expenses you will incur while moving.

Make Sure to Get a Quote

When trying to budget for your move, the best thing to do is start with a quote. Quotes allow you to fully understand your moving costs and get an idea of not only what you're going to be spending when you move but also which part of your move is going to cost the most.

Our South Atlanta movers recommend getting quotes from more than one moving company so that you can compare prices as you shop around. Make sure that you have the necessary information about your home and move ready when you're contacting the different companies such as the number of rooms in your home, where you're currently living, and when you plan to move.

The Value of an In-Home Moving Estimate

In-home estimates are much more detailed than an over the phone or online estimate that you can request from a moving company. With an in-home estimate, a professional mover will come to your home and look at what you have and what needs to be moved. They will be able to ask more specific questions which will allow for more confidence in your movers. An in-home estimate will also provide you with a personalized moving experience and efficient moving day.

When Not to Get an In-Home Moving Estimate

Getting an in-home estimate is not always a good idea for every move. For example, if you are not currently living in the home you are moving from, then you may want to stick to a phone or online estimate. Just be sure to have all the necessary information to get the best possible quote.

Another reason you may not want to plan for getting an in-home estimate is if you do not have the time to be present for one. Planning the time for you and the professional mover to meet may be challenging. Again, in this case, you will want to opt for an online or phone estimate.

When you are ready to plan your move, call All My Sons Moving & Storage and let us tell you what it will cost to move you into your new South Atlanta home! We offer the best packing services in South Atlanta and can make your move the smoothest yet.