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Useful Apps to Help You Move to South Atlanta

Finally making the move to South Atlanta? That’s awesome! However, there are specifics you must take care of before you relocate. Such specifics may include booking Georgia movers to help you settle into the new home, updating your address with service providers, and more. Amidst the flurry of moving tasks, have you thought about ways you can handle everything simpler and easier? Believe it or not, there are mobile apps to you can use to help you move. Our South Atlanta movers have the scoop on some of the useful apps to help you move to South Atlanta.



If you’re unsure about where you’ll be living in South Atlanta, install Zillow [1] to find your new home. This app lets users look through thousands of “for sale” and rental listings from across the country. The real estate app provides a slew of resources to help you with your house hunt, such as the current average mortgage rates in the area for similar houses. Besides real estate listings and resources, Zillow also includes real-time walkthroughs of potential neighborhoods, to give people an overall sense of the area.



After deciding on your new residence in South Atlanta, start planning where furniture will be placed with Magicplan.[2] The app creates an augmented reality version of the floorplan using the home’s dimensions when you walk around so you can virtually move furniture before you find a layout you prefer. That way the movers will know exactly where to assemble furniture when they arrive. Along with floorplan creation, Magicplan also includes a material and cost estimator for renovation projects, site surveying, and virtual tours, making it one of the most useful apps to help you move to South Atlanta.



Packing is a monotonous task no one looks forward to doing, so make things easier on yourself with Sortly.[3] This app makes packing simple by allowing people to categorize items by room as well as create labels for boxes, making it very convenient to know in which box things are packed.

If Sortly can’t help you get the job done, you can always opt for our South Atlanta packing services. Our professional movers have the professional skills to safely pack your belongings and furniture, giving you more time to finish other relocation tasks.


Facebook Marketplace

Don’t further stress yourself out for the move by trying to include unnecessary junk in the relocation process. List everything you no longer want for sale on Facebook Marketplace. On this platform, people list an array of items like jewelry, electronics, furniture, vehicles, and even homes.


Professional Relocation with Our Trusted Movers

For your upcoming move to South Atlanta, make sure to contact our reliable movers for an efficient move into your new home. With over two decades of experience under our belt, you can fully rely on our movers to get you settled into your new house without stress nor delay. Get started on your next move by calling 770-629-0507 today for your free, no-obligation quote!





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