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Things to Consider When You Move with Pets

Moving with pets can be a challenge. Not only are you stressing about what’s going to be different in the move itself, but you want to make sure that your family pet is going to be safe during this whole moving process. Our South Atlanta local movers have decided to help you not only move, but to share their tips when it comes to moving with your beloved animal.


Keep Doors Closed

When moving with pets, they will notice the energy shift, your excitement, fear, and frustration. They are also feeling anxious with all the commotion happening around them, so the best way to keep them safe during this move is to make sure you have a crate in place or designate a room where they can stay out of the way. Your dog or cat may feel the need to escape during the moving process, so be sure to secure them safely by keeping the door of the room or crate closed.


Keeping Them in One Room

Depending on the size of your new abode, you want your pet to adjust to the changes going on in their life. Set them up in their own personal room, allow them to get used to the sounds and smells first before letting them out. They may feel scared or confused about where they are but keeping them situated in one room during this process can help to ease them into the new changes.


Secure a Vet

Switching doctors is a pain and the same is true for your pet, too. Research vets in the surrounding area of your new neighborhood. The health of your pet is vital, and your vet may even have some ideas or partnerships in the area where you are moving. A lot of apartments require that your pet have the proper vaccines and are up to date with their rabies shot. Also make sure to have the proper paper work on hand when moving, so in a worst-case scenario you are prepared with documentation proving that your pet has a clean bill of health.


Talking to Your Mover

At the end of the day, we know there is a lot still to be planned and sorted, so our South Atlanta long-distance movers want to make sure your needs are taken care of. We are a full-service moving business that looks out for not only you but your pet as well. Our South Atlanta packing service is designed just for you! We pack and unpack all your belongings so that you can focus more of your time to your pet. Contact our South Atlanta movers to learn more about our other moving services and any other questions you may have about moving with pets! We are here to help you!