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Plan the Most Efficient Commercial Move

Is your company making the move to South Atlanta soon? Surely, you want to get the commercial relocation done efficiently, and so we put together a few tips for you to plan it right! Let’s get started.

Get a Mover!

This might be fairly obvious for a larger commercial company, but even for a small, growing office, you’re going to want to hire professional movers. They will make the move much easier and ensure that nothing goes missing or gets lost in transit.

Provide Your Movers with What They’ll Need

Before your movers even ask, get ready for them:

-­ An accurate floor plan of both the place you’re moving from and the place you’re moving to.

­­- Secured access to stairwells, entrances/exits, and elevators.

­-Authorization to do the work. Essentially, approve and sign-off for the work to be done.

­-They will obtain government permits for the move.

Create a Timeline

This may be one of the most helpful things you could possibly do. You can create a preliminary timeline for the move, including an internal assessment evaluation—this should include current situations, your relocation needs, expectations, and the total budget. Once you hire movers, you should work with them in creating a solid timeline—they are the professionals, and a little input from the pro movers could go a long, long way in ensuring the perfect, most efficient move.

Plan and Set Up Resources

This would include updating phone and internet services, scheduling utilities shut-off for one location and a turn-on for the other. You should have deposits and down payments ready to go for these services. Along with these, you should obtain all licenses, permits, and insurance policies, submit changes to the IRS and the particular state authorities. And to top it off, you should inform all of your clients and third-party vendors of your move and update letterheads, websites, and all business-related material, this way you can continue operations and receive shipments without skipping a beat!

Set Up Customer Support

More than likely, you plan to operate business throughout the move, so, you should keep the internet and phone services active at both the current location and the new location. There should be a little overlap, so you can still handle business properly.



We are the premier commercial movers in South Atlanta. Give us a call to get your commercial relocation planned and executed smoothly and efficiently so that you won’t have to worry about any hassle. Tell your employees, too, and we’ll help them with their move to South Atlanta, too. We’re not simply commercial movers, but also residential, corporate, and auto movers! For a free, no-obligation quote, call (770) 629-0507 today!