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Identifying A Rogue Moving Company

It’s time to move and you decided moving on your own is not worth the stress so you opt to hire professional movers to help you move into your new home. However, as you’re shopping around for reliable movers, it may be difficult to find the right one or determine whether or not your prospective movers are even legitimate. You’ve heard plenty of horror stories about rogue movers who’ve either scammed customers or did a terrible job, and of course, you don’t want to be another victim. Not to worry, our South Atlanta movers discuss ways of identifying a rogue moving company.


Household Consultation

Certified moving companies will offer to do an in-home consultation to understand your relocation needs and give you an idea of what it will take to efficiently complete the move. When identifying a rogue moving company, ask if they offer an onsite assessment. If they’re hesitant or refuse to do it, you’re most likely dealing with a rogue mover. They might be quick to offer a low quote instead, but you should still refuse their service if they visit to look over your household goods.



Have you received an extremely low quote from a mover that seems too good to be true? Most likely, it is. Usually, rogue movers offer such low quotes because they’re aware of their lack of expertise and professionalism, and any potential customers will suffer the consequences. So, don’t fall victim to these extremely low quotes.

Another red flag to be mindful of when identifying a rogue moving company is if a large deposit is required. While going over the process of the moving services and a “moving consultant” tells you a large, cash-only deposit is required, run the other way. This moving company will take your money, load your things onto a moving truck, and disappear into the night without leaving a trace.


D.O.T. Number

Our South Atlanta local movers suggest looking for a D.O.T. number before you hire a moving company. D.O.T. or the Department of Transportation creates unique license numbers for registered moving and transportation companies to track audits, updated safety information, compliances reviews, inspections, and crash investigations. [1] This is one of the surefire ways of identifying a rogue moving company. Illicit moving companies will avoid applying for a D.O.T. number to save money, and if you’re looking into a mover without one, continue to shop for other movers.


No Documentation

If you’re discussing arrangements with a moving company and nothing is documented or signed, you’re dealing with a rogue moving company. Certified moving companies such as All My Sons Moving & Storage will document the entire agreement with a signature and will provide you with a physical or digital copy. When the arrangement is only made verbally, expect nothing to go as planned.


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[1] Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – Do I Need a USDOT Number?