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How To Reuse Packing Materials After your Move

Congratulations on your move to South Atlanta, allow us to welcome you to your new home (Welcome!)

Now that you’ve made the move, you’re likely to have a bunch of leftover materials—boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, the whole nine yards. You don’t necessarily have to throw it away—at least, not immediately. So, what can you do?


You can always use your cardboard boxes as little storage spaces for items you may not use on a day-to-day basis, perhaps seasonal items. They could serve as a storage space for shoes or clothing as well. Another good way to use your boxes is by cutting them up into squares or rectangles in order to serve as partitions in your closet or storage spaces between shoes, clothing, documents and files, knick-knacks, glasses, and other items you can think of. Just as well, you can use them as a mud mat just inside or outside your front door for shoes or outdoor equipment.

Fun Stuff.

Not everything is fun and games, but why can’t you reuse your packing supplies in South Atlanta to have a little of that thing we call “fun?” It’ll help you to destress from the move, which was likely anything but fun. Use cardboard boxes and plastic wrap as a building material for box forts, use it as a playmat for your kids to draw on, or anything else you can think to use it for. Cardboard is versatile in it uses; you can build with it, you can play on it, you can draw and color on it, cut it up into small pieces, and use your imagination. Turn the box into a car and drive; a plane to soar all over the world; a robot to live in a utopian future; a Nerf target for your own range, the possibilities are endless, and your littlest of kids will have a lot of fun in the meantime.


Some of your packing materials have other uses than just protection in the moving process. For example, bubble wrap can be used to line underneath carpets, rugs, and doormats (popped already, of course, unless you’re intent on playing a practical joke on someone!) Plastic bags can be reused for shopping, believe it or not; they can also be used for packing a lunch or gifts. Packing peanuts can be reused as a base for your potted plants and flowers as a drainage system. If you can think it up, you can do it!

Recycle or Give it Away.

Now, this isn’t exactly a way to ­reuse, per se, but you can sell your boxes on sites like BoxCycle or BoxSmart, among other websites interested in your packing supplies! You can always reach out to friends and neighbors to see if they could use some supplies, post them up on freecycle.org, Craigslist, or similar person-to-person sales apps.


If you are moving to South Atlanta and looking for packing supplies, check out your local moving company. All My Sons has an endless supply of packing supplies in South Atlanta for your move. Contact us today at (777) 629-0507 for more information!