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How to Move with Kids

Moving is already a complicated and challenging process, but if you’ve got children, that can make a move a bit more difficult. So, what can you do to make the move to South Atlanta easier for you and your kids?

Daycare or Extracurriculars.

Enroll the kids in daycare or afterschool care programs to get their minds off of the move. This way, they can socialize with other kids, play games, and enjoy being kids without worrying so much about the move and possibly hindering progress at home. If they enjoy sports, the performing arts, trying new things, or any types of extracurricular activities, let them do it! Let them play baseball with friends after school, or play music with a band, perhaps take lessons in acting or music or dance. Let them explore new clubs and organizations at school or outside of school that they may enjoy.


Involve Them and Discuss the Move.

If your kids are old enough to speak and understand what’s going on, they may have concerns to air and things they’ll want to talk about. Sit down and talk to them. Tell them about how the move is going to go, what they can expect at their new home, and answer any questions they might have. If they’re interested in helping with the move, allow them to help. If they’re elementary-school-aged let them pack a box for themselves. If they’re older, let them help with a few things they are able to handle with relative ease. You should also get their input on choice(s) for the new home. Letting them run a yard sale may also help them with the move too!


Hire a Kid-Friendly Moving Company.

A kid-friendly mover can go a long way. They could potentially help your child cope with the move or even teach them something along the way. Maybe they need to take the kitchen table apart for the move; the mover will let your child grab a screwdriver and teach them how to properly take it apart! A kid-friendly mover can make something that seems not-so-interesting actually interesting, or turn it into a learning experience for your children! They can help to put your mind at ease and keep your child in good spirits.


Throw a Going-Away Party!

Invite friends and family over for one last goodbye. Have a cookout, a pool party, a fun day at the park, do something fun! Whether it’s at the house, the park, a restaurant, on a boat, at the local fire hall, on the beach, or anywhere you can think of, a goodbye party will help the kids to cope with the move to South Atlanta. It will give them some sort of closure in dealing with going to a new place. This way, they will be able to say their farewells to their friends and family in the area, and then to have a spot in their heart to welcome their new home. Your kids will considerably more comfortable with the whole move to South Atlanta.



We at All My Sons Moving & Storage understand that moving with kids is not the simplest task in the world, but we hope to make the process a little easier on you and your children. We are a kid-friendly mover, so when you hire us, mention your little ones, and we will help to lighten the burden of a move on everyone! 

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