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How to Move Plants to Your New Home

Plants can make a home brighter, cheery and produce a cleaner feel in one’s home. They are essential for brightening up your day. If you are a plant enthusiast, then you know how hard it is to care for your plants. They need a lot of care and attentiveness towards them. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we want to make sure your plants arrive safely and are in the same condition as they were before we relocated. Below are some professional tips from our South Atlanta local movers on how to move plants to your new home.

Research the Types of Plants that are Allowed in your State

Every state has laws that restrict certain plants, especially if they are outdoors. The reason for this is because invasive species is a big problem, and your plant may not thrive in the area of your new home. Do sufficient research, ask your landlord or fellow neighbor in that area if they know about what type of plants are allowed in your state. Once you complete your research, you will be able to begin the process of moving plants to your new home.

Having the Proper Material

In order to move plants to your new home, you want to make sure you have the proper materials to ensure your plants will survive the move. Have a bunch of sturdy moving boxes, tape and of course some water if you will be traveling a long-distance.

For larger plants, you want to take a plastic bag and gently place it on top of them. This will protect the leaves and branches as you transfer it over to the new house. Just make sure when you cover the plants you don’t suffocate them! Don’t forget plants release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, so poke some holes into the bag to ensure they can breathe.

Adjusting Your Plants

Once you have moved your plants to your new home, you want to make sure they survive in their new area. You need to replace their soil and watch them closely for the next couple of days. Make sure that they are in an area with enough sunlight. Observe your plants in their natural habit and re-pot them if necessary.

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Moving plants to your new home is tricky, and not every moving company is ready to tackle that job. In fact, certain moving companies are particular when it comes to relocating your plants. To learn more about our South Atlanta moving company or more about how to move plants to your new home. Give us a call at All My Sons Moving & Storage.