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Best Paint Color for a Small Laundry Room

Are you looking to maximize space in your new home? Don’t be discouraged if your laundry room lacks space. There are many design tips to enhance small spaces around your home. A room can seem bigger by simply using the right paint color. Learn the best paint color for a small laundry room from our South Atlanta long distance movers.


Best Paint Color for a Small Laundry Room

You and your family will be spending a lot of time in the laundry room. There are many colors and tones to pick from when painting your laundry room. In fact, interior designers suggest a wide range of colors to maximize small spaces. To decide the best paint color for a small laundry room, choose a color you would like to see frequently and that matches your style.


Bright Laundry Room

There is room for creativity when it comes to a small laundry area. Small rooms are great places to be bold and make a statement. A neutral home with a sunny yellow laundry room is a great balance. A bright laundry room is especially helpful if the room lacks windows or natural lighting. If you decide to go with a bright color, be sure to select a paint shade that correlates with positive emotions. For example, a pale yellow evokes a feeling of warmth.


Make it Neutral

Make your laundry room feel extra roomy with a neutral color. Natural light reflects off of white, blue, and grey to make the space feel open. If your laundry room has a lot of natural light, a grey or blue room will change with the sunlight throughout the day. A deep grey or blue creates shadow and enhances the room’s depth perception. You can also achieve a spacious feel with a dark neutral paint shade. Definitely consider neutrals when deciding on the best paint color for a small laundry room.


Painting a Two Tone Room

If you like the idea of a neutral laundry room with a statement piece, take advantage of the two-tone paint style. Contrasting colors make an area seem more spacious. For example, paint your walls white and your cabinets blue. The white reflects any natural light in the room and the blue makes your home a bit more unique. Take this method a step further and choose a paint color from a different area of the house. Your laundry room will be unique while matching the design of your home.


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