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Best Packing Hacks for Your Next Move

The dreaded packing experience can make your exciting new move feel stressful and overwhelming, with a whole house to pack up, where does one even begin this process. Luckily, our South Atlanta movers have got you covered with the best packing hacks to make your packing experience a little more stress free.


Photograph the Contents of Each Box

With so many moving boxes, how does one even remember what is inside them? Well, with a simple click of the shutter button on your camera that can change. Our South Atlanta movers recommend snapping a couple of pictures beforehand as a way to remember what you have packed away. One of the best packing hacks is also making sure your moving boxes are properly labeled. With pictures and labels, you will find yourself way more relaxed and won’t have to dig through the boxes to search for that one item you need.


Use Towels or Shirts to Protect Fragile Items

Bubble wrap and other packing supplies can be pricey, but you can use t-shirts, towels, and other linens for furniture or fragile items. This packing hack can help you cut down on your expenses when you are factoring everything else in. This is a budget-friendly tip that can be used towards many items in the house. If you do need help acquiring appropriate packing materials, our South Atlanta packing supplies have got you covered. With our premium moving boxes, bubble wrap, padded quilts and more, our movers want to make your packing experience as simple as possible.


Creating Handles

Moving boxes are large and often do not come with the proper handles to help you move it from room to room or into the van, but with a simple hack, this can all change. If you have a spare box cutter or sharp knife laying around, carefully cut out spaces on the side for you to lift the boxes and make your own handles.


Keeping Furniture Together

Sometimes the best thing to do is to NOT pack, just leave your clothes and items in the drawers as it is. Our South Atlanta local movers suggest you just leave your larger items as a whole rather than spend countless hours taking the furniture apart and trying to reassemble it later on. If the dresser is too heavy with the drawers still inside, take them out, but leave the contents inside. Use a large roll of plastic wrap to protect your clothes and belongings from the dust or potential dirt that could soil them in the moving process.


Enlisting in a Moving Company

Even with all the packing hacks out there, the next best thing for someone to do is to hire a moving company to help you with the packing process. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our professionals will expertly pack up your entire household as part of the South Atlanta packing service. Our full-service moving company has a wide range of moving services designed to help you throughout this process and are trained movers to handle relocations from big houses to the smallest locations. All of our movers have undergone a thorough background check to make sure they are licensed and secured to handle your belongings. Call our friendly staff today for more information regarding our packing service or our other moving services we offer at our South Atlanta moving company.