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Packing Products in Sarasota


Enjoy a stress-free move, from start to finish, with Sarasota packing services.

Packing product: Moving boxes

No one is able to successfully move without obtaining plenty of quality boxes of various sizes. The number of boxes needed for a move is dependent on the number of items you’ll be moving and how well you’re able to maximize the space in each box. Typically for one room, you’ll need approximately:

Small boxes – 8-10 (Used to carry heavier or fragile items, books, glassware, dishes, etc.)

Medium boxes - 7-8 (Used to package clothes, children’s toys, small appliances, etc.)

Large Boxes – 5-7 (Used to package comforters, linen and other bulky lightweight items.)

Packing product: Specialty boxes

In the event that standard cardboard boxes aren’t strong enough or meet the dimensions necessary to carry certain items, specialty boxes may be used. Each is designed to meet a specific need and may not be used depending on the type of move. These specialty boxes include:

Dish boxes – These boxes are designed to carry heavyweight and protect fragile items. Dish pack inserts can be placed within the dish boxes for extra protection.

Flat Screen TV boxes – As the name suggests, these boxes are designed for the safe and secure transport of flat screen televisions. They are built to keep the electrical components of a television in place and prevent it from being damaged during the transport process.

Wardrobe Boxes – These boxes are designed for the easy transport of clothing. They protect your garments from moisture, dirt and dust and will even prevent wrinkling and creasing. While still attached to the hanger, you can simply transfer your clothing from the closet to the wardrobe box.

Mirror & Picture Boxes – A very important packing product, mirror and picture boxes are designed to fit framed artwork and large mirrors. Most of these boxes are equipped with special frame protectors that prevent damage to the borders during the moving process.

Packing product: Protective Wraps/Cushioning

Cardboard boxes are perfect for protecting items from being damaged from the outside, however they are still in danger of being damaged/destroyed while inside the box. In this case, protection cushioning is required. Such materials include:

Bubble Wrap – This material is made for the wrapping and protecting of breakable items such as dishware, wine bottles, electronics, etc.

Plastic Wrap – This sticky material is used for bundling oddly-shaped items together. It is also help for keeping drawers and cabinet doors in place and for packing entire drawers without emptying their contents.

Packing peanuts – Packing peanuts are designed to fill in the empty space within moving boxes. They are perfect for providing added protection to artwork, electronics and other fragile materials.

Packing Paper – Packing paper is designed to resist dirt and oil from building up on the surface of glassware and other items during moving. It’s used as added protection on protruding parts and other delicate elements.

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