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Moving to Sarasota with Children

According to HealthStatus.com, moving is the third most stressful life event after divorce and the death of a loved one,[1] and you may be experiencing this stress for your upcoming move to Sarasota. While there’s a lot for parents to worry about when it comes to planning a move, their kids can also be very stressed about the move. Children tend to experience moving stress more so than adults due to the sudden change in their environment. Not to worry because our Sarasota movers have your back by telling you more about moving to Sarasota with children.

Before the Move

Get a head start on moving to Sarasota with children by holding a family meeting a few weeks before. Discuss what the kids should expect on the big day and show pictures of the new home if the kids haven’t seen it already. The kids won’t feel caught off-guard when you talk about the moving process and the new home ahead of time.

Once you’ve talked about the move with the kids, sit down with them to do some online shopping for their new room. Browse through various home décor sites to have the kids pick out items like lighting, rugs, curtains, bedding, posters, bean bags, and more. Shopping for their new room will help the little ones remain optimistic about the upcoming move.

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Moving Day

Now that moving day is finally here, keep a careful eye out for anything that may trigger your children’s bad behavior. When our Sarasota residential movers arrive to help you move out, introduce them to the kids. An introduction will help our trusted movers look less like strangers and more like friends to the little ones. Our movers know how much relocating to a new home can take a toll on children, so a simple conversation can help reduce their stress.

While our movers use our Sarasota packing services to securely pack your belongings and furniture, designate a safe area for the children to stay. Keep them preoccupied with their favorite things like coloring and picture books, toys, games, and mobile tablet to watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

Settling in Sarasota

Now that you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to have some fun! Once our Sarasota auto movers safely transport your car to the new home, drive around town to find fun activities for the kids to do. This can include, local parks, family entertainment centers, and a children’s museum in Sarasota. This way, you can help the kids familiarize themselves with their new hometown while having fun.

Easy Moving with Our Full-Service Movers

Whenever you’re in need to move to Sarasota, give our movers a call. We have over twenty years of experience performing all types of moves, so there’s no move too big for us. Get started moving into your new home by calling 941-926-6847 for your complimentary, moving quote today!




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