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How to Save on Moving Expenses


You’d be hard pressed to find a person who wants to save less and spend more money on their moving costs. The Sarasota movers of All My Sons have witnessed the mountain of expenses that families can pile on during a move. Therefore, we highly recommend these following tips to show you just how you can save on moving expenses to Sarasota.

Hire Someone to Help You with Your Move

One of the top issues our Sarasota movers see is a lack of preparation and attention to detail. It’s no secret that proper planning, information gathering and preparation are tools that lead to success. Commonly, we find that most people either wait until the last minute to find help with their move, or end up doing it themselves. Not only is this an inconvenience, but it’s also a drain on time and resources. Every situation is different of course, but hiring a moving company alleviates the need to rent a truck or van, take time off from work, and other unforeseen moving costs. Again, every situation is different from the next and time, cost, workload, etc. should all be taken into consideration when deciding. Typically, hiring professional, full-service Sarasota movers makes things go quicker and more efficiently.


Buy/Find Supplies Early

It’s a given situation that you’re going to move, but a large amount of people don’t bother to acquire packing supplies until the very last minute. Taking the necessary preparations to get cardboard boxes, packaging tape, scissors, dollies, furniture covers and whatever else you may need can do wonders for saving on your moving budget. The biggest factor with moving is time and whether it’s on your own time or someone else’s, you’re going to end up paying the cost by not having things in order. It’s highly advised to find as many free boxes as you can from grocery stores, work or perhaps a friend or neighbor. Getting other materials, such as the packaging tape, isn’t expensive, however shopping early allows you to get the best deals on supplies. Often, your Sarasota Movers can provide everything for you at little to no cost as well.

Set a Budget

Moving, especially in the case of a long-distance move, isn’t cheap. If you truly want to know how to save on moving expenses to Sarasota, then it’s recommended to establish what you want to spend from the beginning. Don’t underestimate the costs of fuel, food, and missing work. When setting up your budget, take into consideration how much time from work you can afford to miss. Plan how much you want to spend on food/snacks during the move. Calculate how many items you will move and how many trips it will take to get them from point A to point B. Moving budgets are crucial to organization and saving yourself a future headache. Sooner or later, you’re going to need food during a move and most likely, you’ve eaten, thrown out or moved the food to the next location.


Consider packing lunches and snacks to save money. If you have to eat on the run, find a restaurant with good deals on food. If you opt to not go with a moving company, then be sure to minimize the trips you need to take in the rental truck. Fill it to capacity with the larger items and take anything small in your car. Rental trucks usually take diesel fuel and it’s not cheap. Aim to pack and get started on your move early. The fewer days that you need to take off from work the better.