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Packing Tips Straight From The Pros

According to recent census data, the average American will move more than ten times in their lifetime!  It can take many years before a family finally settles down; until that happens, people will experiment with a number of living arrangements until they find a location that fits them just right.  Packing in anticipation of a big move requires a particular skill set.  Here are some tips straight from professional Salt Lake City Movers.

1. Don’t take all your old boxes!  Those awkward cardboard boxes you’ve been using since college aren’t going to cut it.  It’s time to throw out torn and worn out boxes and replace them with new ones.  Cardboard boxes are very sturdy though they inevitably wear out.  If boxes have been stored in a basement, garage, or garden shed, they have probably been damaged by water or mold.  As you unpack these old boxes, discard old and unwanted items. 

2. Purchase good quality packing materials.  Purchase lots of new cardboard boxes, several rolls of packing tape, at least one packing tape dispenser, permanent markers in multiple colors and sizes, and lots of bubble wrap.  Moving requires a surprising amount of supplies so don’t be afraid to buy extra. 

3.  Pack up lesser-used items first.  Not everything you own gets used on an equal basis.  Start your packing by boxing up those items that aren’t going to be needed soon.  Large wardrobe boxes make it easy to pack up out of season clothing without stuffing them into too-small containers.  Christmas decorations, infrequently used appliances, CDs and DVDs, and out-of-season items can all be packed away without fear of needing them in the immediate future.

4.  Clean as you go.  As one room is emptied, clean it from top to bottom.  Wash the windows, dust along the top of the walls, and wipe down all the shelves in the closet.  Even if a room is emptied and cleaned a few weeks before the final move-out date, you’ll have less trouble tidying it again before you leave.

5.  Keep cleaning products on hand.  Collect all your cleaning products and place them together in one spot.  These will be some of the last things you pack before you leave and you’ll be using them throughout the moving process. 

6. Keep an eye on important papers.  Vital papers such as birth certificates, wills, social security cards, bank statements, tax forms, and similar items need to be kept together in a clearly labeled container.  If it will help you keep track of them, set them aside to move last of all.

7. Hire a moving company.  While hiring a moving company probably won’t be a necessary part of every move, as you acquire more possessions you’ll need some help moving them.  Professional Salt Lake City Movers have the experience and equipment required for a successful move. 

8.  Develop an organizational strategy.  Label each box with its contents and the room it should be put in.  You can use different colored markers to distinguish between boxes destined for bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room.  If you have time, numbering the boxes and keeping a summary of each box’s contents in a notebook can help you locate your possessions easier when it’s time to unpack.

Don’t let an upcoming moving date take you by surprise.  By implementing these simple strategies, you’ll be ready to settle down in your new home.