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Mistakes When Choosing Neighborhoods

Potential homebuyers spend so much time on finding that perfect home. They search online, hire a realtor, visit open houses, look for the best mortgage lender until they find they're dream home. But they don't spend nearly enough time researching the neighborhood they're going to be living in. The neighborhood is always secondary to the home. People forget that where they live is as important as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms their new home has. The people around you, the amenities close by, the retail shops, schools, parks, all of those things are as important as your square footage and floor plan. These are the things that enhance your life in your new home.

One of the mistakes people do when they shop for a house is they think short-term. People often move after transitional situations like a divorce, downsizing, new job and bigger family. So they see these circumstances as short-term even though they might not be. Someone who gets a new job and has to move closer to the city thinks I'm not going to stay there for too long. I'll be looking for something new in two or three years. The reality is that for a number of various factors, that might not happen. This person might get a promotion, the employment market might take a dive and other circumstances will make it impossible to leave. It's a good idea to purchase a home in a neighborhood you can see yourself in for a long while, because you never know what can happen.

Another common mistake is that homebuyers move into areas that they have many assumptions about. They never really check on things. Like for example on crime rates, tax rates, school districts and other facts. It's a good idea to verify certain specifics with your realtor or even research online. Get the facts before you move in. Just because landscaping in your area of choice is beautiful and there aren't any rundown houses, that doesn't mean that crime rate is low.

Underestimating the commute to work is a big deal as well. Figure out how much time you'll be spending commuting back and forth to work, every morning and night. How much time will you spend in traffic and how will that influence your daily routine and mood, not too mention what it's going to cost you in gasoline.

When you're buying the home of your dreams, it's important that the neighborhood is also part of that dream. When you've found the one, call the Salt Lake City movers to have the move of your dreams. We'll quilt pad wrap your delicate furniture, help you with disassembling and reassembling some of your items and make the whole day hassle-free. Our professional moving specialists are part of a huge network of experienced movers and reputable moving offices across the U.S. from Oklahoma City to Jacksonville and beyond.