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Top Things You Should Pack Last

What you will need first, pack last.

Picture this: you wake up the morning of moving day, ready to tackle the overwhelming list of things to do. You kick your feet out of bed, throw on your beloved slippers, and head towards the bathroom to get ready. Once you arrive to your sink, though, you notice something strange; your toothbrush is gone! You must have packed it in the bustle of last-minute, late-night packing.

Don’t allow this hygienic tragedy to happen to you. Your Rhode Island auto movers have a special rule of thumb for your move to Rhode Island—what you will need first, pack last.

Rummaging through previously-packed cardboard boxes in search of a needed item is never pleasant during the mayhem of move-in. Here’s a few things that the Rhode Island movers recommend you pack last:


This can include necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, shampoo, and other items your family will need in the first days of moving. Any hygienic product you cannot suffer a day without should be included in this category.

Foods & Drinks

Your family’s stomachs don’t stop getting hungry because it’s move-in day. Before your move to Rhode Island, pack a bag filled with snacks and other foods your family and yourself will need during the busyness of moving.

Don’t even think about preparing a five-course meal on move-in day. Instead, the Rhode Island auto movers suggest packing quick-to-prepare and easy-to-eat foods that will allow for more time to be devoted to moving into your new home.

Also, you must remember to bring coffee if you’re a caffeine addict; you will need your coffee-fix even more than usual for moving day.


Phones, tablets, e-readers, and their appropriate chargers should also be among the last items to be packed, if at all. You will need your phone while moving in order to contact your moving service such as the Rhode Island movers.

Keep chargers ready at hand, as well. A phone or tablet without battery is useless and frustrating when you need it the most. Avoid the added anxiety of a dead phone and pack all electronics last.

Family Items

You can compile all of the items listed above along with these new family-related ones into a ready-to-go necessities backpack. Ensure that this is light and portable for efficient transport during your move to Rhode Island.

As far as family matters go, fill your backpack with things that your family will need in the first days of moving-in, like clothes, special medicines if applicable, pet supplies, toys, or books.

The Rhode Island movers recommend having a plan or at least an idea of all the items your family will need in the first few days and weeks of moving to your new home. Keep these items in mind, and check them off of your list so you aren’t forced to sort through stacks and stacks of packed boxes in search of that toothbrush ten minutes before your move.